[Arma2] Loose Ends by Zipper5

Loose Ends by Zipper5

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side OPFOR
Island Chernarus
Time of Day Day
Weather Rainy
Filesize 271.67KB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2 v 1.02

Overview - 8
Briefing - 8
Camera - 7
Scripting - 7

User rating


01 Feb 2010





Shortly after the end of the USMC operation in Chernarus, Akula Lopotev revamped the lackluster ChDKZ forces with the help of their Russian friends. They were given new, modern equipment and exceptional training. Lopotev renamed the ChDKZ to the Chernarussian Red Army, and designated it the official military forces of Chernarus. There was only one thing left for Lopotev to do, and that was to eliminate the competition. NAPA only have one stronghold left - the town of Zelenogorsk. And you, are going to lead the operation to clear it.

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Review by mathias_eichinger


The Overview is a good example of how to do one. The text is a rough outline of what lies ahead for the player while the image offers a rarely used perspective to look at your addon soldiers which shows them to good effect. Version number and author are also a plus.


The intro provides a narrative of how the events led to the actual position the player finds himself in. While not groundbreaking, the camera angles are good and you can visually witness the difference in professional look that Akula's new army shows while walking amongst the bodies of their crushed enemies.


The Briefing consists of a map which contains a clear layout of markers, showing all mission objectives without crowding the view. Links to the markers are all working and the text delivers precise and fitting information that never digresses into irrelevant detail.


The mission itself is a combined assault from 3 directions, with the player simply being a part of a larger package. The mission author picked up all relevant strategic locations of Zelenogorsk and the CRA task force has to clear them one by one. Some of them are cleared by friendly forces while there is at least one tough nut for the player to crack and the enemy even has air support. 

The player, however has the support of a BMP, and all the necessary medical/logistic support trucks that one could ask for, controllable via High Command.

The time of the day, the rainy weather and the eastern style camo uniforms which melt into the surroundings create an atmosphere that has nothing to do with any USMC bravado. Being a member of a small, not-so-well-equipped army gives a unique sense of being only a number in a larger force.

As a bottom line, the mission is a classic grunt mission that could be a bit longer while the relatively low difficulty is in line with the story of an overwhelming force attacking the last pockets of resistance.


The outro consists of an aerial overview of the area just conquered. This is followed by a sensible scene near the campfire, which I won't spoil for you. But I can tell that it shows the human and moral cost of war rather well.


The special thing about this mission is the "gruntness", that OFP feeling of being a lowly soldier that is missing from many ArmA1 and ArmA2 mission. The use of the CRA addon is a huge factor in achieving this.


A comparatively easy and short mission that has one or a few tough spots and is entertaining to play while creating a good atmosphere. No bugs spotted and a warmly recommended download.

You can view the beta thread here.

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