[OFP] Antipathy by Anmac

Antipathy by Anmac

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Nogova
Time of Day Dawn
Weather Cloudy
Filesize 2.4MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 6
Briefing - 8
Camera - 7
Scripting - 7

User rating


31 Aug 2009





Lead a small team from the Australian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) and cut a swathe through Russian forces occupying Nogova. Setting a charge under the bridge and destroying a 'fuel' truck are but the start.

The mission to which all Anmac's others have inexorably been leading. Sixth and final mission in the Anmac series.

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Review by Walter_E_Kurtz


Though presented in a technically adept manner - the picture has a border and shadow - little hint is given of what to expect.


A narrated opening cinematic with some background info and a brief fly-by of the starting objectives. Custom resources are used to display the title and, during the mission insertion, the credits.


Just about everything that is possible to do with a briefing, Anmac does: extra pages for a detailed mission plan, reconnaissance photos, etc. There are even droll voice-overs for the various tabs: Plan, Notes, Gear and Group.

Having read the tasks, I was somewhat apprehensive to find that my squad amounted to just four men. Would that be enough if something went wrong?

As the mission proceeds and further objectives are revealed, the map is updated with markers.


Keeping an eye on the map / briefing after any updates from HQ should make it obvious where to go next. However, even taking precautions against blundering head-first into the enemy will not prevent an unseen foe from occasionally sniping you through the morning haze. There seems to be nothing to do otherwise in these situations except reload. This is the only significant threat to your team; any enemy not facing in your direction can be shot at leisure. In circumstances where stealth is an issue, rather than having to fight it out if discovered then the mission simply ends.


A reprise of the Intro, but this time you get to see the two targets go up ... big time.


A short cinematic sequence will mock your shortcomings when you fail to heed your instructions i.e. are detected whilst supposedly stealthy.

Extra savegames are provided through the radio menu.


In a single word; disappointing. Too many enemies fall into either one of two categories: gormless loons waiting to be sniped and BVR (beyond visual range) killers. There was no sense of opposition units working together.

Though competently put together with a multitude of bells and whistles - voices, player death cams, and so on - these amount to no more than gimmicks. Completing this mission gave little satisfaction and its replayability would be considered low.

If half scores were permitted, it would be 6.5, but the dichotomy in the enemies' ability causes it to be rounded down.

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