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[ArmA] First Response by schuler

First Response by schuler

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Dawn
Weather Clear
Filesize 296.03KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14

Overview - 9
Briefing - 8
Camera - 4
Scripting - 6

User rating


17 May 2009





An insurgency has crept out from beneath the dark place of the city to spread fear and death among it’s populace. As leader of the first response Stryker force, you are tasked with meeting this threat head on and liberating the citizens from this oppression.

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Review by savedbygrace


Picture displays the players transport and the text sums the mission up well. Photo contains border and mission title.


Is quick and to the point. Providing the player with an idea of what has just occurred. No custom sounds or extra effects used to create immersion but the author did attempt to provide the feeling of sudden chaos but due to Arma AI, the units seemed like they were on rails. There is a cut scene at mission start which is slightly better. The camera angles are practical as are the travel paths between camera positions, showing the player the start base and it’s setup without wasting a lot of time.


The briefing was created with support and Intel pages which outlined the Rules Of Engagement, insurgent tactics and logistics available to your unit. A notes section is present which provides some helpful hints by the author on how to utilize the Stryker vehicle. All of the information that the player will need is there and arranged into appropriate sections for the reader’s choosing. All links worked and there is a full weapons load out for the player. The player does not actually gain his team until after mission start and must re-equip his men from the Stryker if he/she is not comfortable with the weapons they carry.


As previously stated, a cinematic begins which pans about the start base showing off the authors set position choices accompanied by a custom whistled tune which would be familiar to anyone who fought in the Everon Conflict during the Cold War. From here, you immediately take control of your team and must get them into the Stryker and respond to recent events in the nearby city. The city has been claimed by the insurgents and they have prepared the streets well for any responding units sent by the nearby base. Upon arrival, the player must use his wits and experience to form a productive patrol route that protects his men and vehicle but also draws out any insurgents that may be lingering in waiting. Sitting still is for cowards but speeding through the streets will endanger your team and the innocent civilians so proceed with caution. The briefing does mention somewhere that a foot patrol into the inner dwellings of the city may be beneficial in flushing out the hiding units but, which dwelling you have to patrol is entirely up to where the enemy cowards choose to hide. The objectives are simple and although two are static, the other is dynamic and allows for slightly different game play each time you replay. Depending on your haste, this mission could be slow and tedious or quick and adrenaline filled but either way it’s worth the time to respond first. Amidst the explosions, you will have aerial support and mech repair support from the nearby base via your radio, so use them wisely.


The incorporation of several community scripts such as the Urban Patrol Script and Mine Backpack exlode script and Johhnyboy's barrel explosion scripts add to the dynamics of the mission. The cinematics lack a certain luster but I must praise the author for taking the time to create them.


The mission is fresh and entertaining while providing a sense of re-playability. You may approach it from various angles and with a diversity of tactics but the end is always the same.

You can view the beta thread here.


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