[ArmA] Evil's Last Will by Undeceived

Evil's Last Will by Undeceived

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 34.01MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14

Overview - 9
Briefing - 9
Camera - 7
Scripting - 8

User rating


06 Jul 2009





Assuming the role of a German special operator, you are employed for the sole purpose of eliminating the most valued piece on the chess board. A turn of events plunges you deeper into the drama that begins to unravel around you and you are faced with decisions that will haunt your memories for the remainder of your life.

Review by savedbygrace


Fairly standard overview with accompanying text but the image compliments the underlying plot particularly well as it embraces a meaning that some may overlook.


The author designed the opening cinema exceptionally well, capturing the scene splendidly with camera angles that compliment the mood that he was striving to convey. It goes far in casting the appropriate gloom over the story that lies ahead. There was however one confusing camera angle.


The briefing contains all the information one could need before being inserted behind enemy lines. In fact, you might even say that there may be almost too much to read. The author separates content well and prevents the player from having to read unnecessary information if they choose not to. All the current objectives are listed in the plan section on the front page. Images are provided to identify the targets and positions, key to mission success. Although a vast amount of reading exists, it is necessary to draw the player in and involve them emotionally into the story. There is no weapon selection for players to choose their tactics but this had been avoided for good reason. The author has implemented the dual weapon script which adds a weapon automatically to the player and changing the load out during the briefing has potential of leaving the player without ammo for that weapon. There will be opportunities later in the mission to pickup enemy weapons. All links function properly also.


The start of the mission was designed to draw the player into the fold from the weather to the environment and slowly introduce them to the depths of the primary targets evil doings.  Once you complete the primary objective, you are pushed deeper into the story where there will be plenty of foot travel through occupied forests and wide open ridges which induce paranoia, optional side missions for the finding, and cooperation with locals. You will control a small team at some point but their AI restrictions will not hinder your progression unless you attempt to ascend or descend steep terrain where they will obviously always choose the flatter ground. If you're good, land vehicles can be useful, and even a watercraft if you don't mind going for a swim to get it but be careful to leave those guns on the bank. Eventually you'll face off against a new and different specops group whose weapons are superior to yours. It will take your wits to level the playing field for survival. The author balances the encounters at key locations well but I feel fails to maintain consistent threats during travel time. During some of the cinematics, there were however some scenes which actually disrupted player tactics by manipulating AI into set positions in order to tell the story but was not critical.


The ending cinema picked up where the intro left off and after playing through the mission, all became clear. It then goes on to reunite the characters in a curious way that will cause each viewer to interpret the cinematic differently. There are a few questionable camera angles but for the most part, rewards the player generously for completing the mission. It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.


I am an advocate for missions with sound and this one delivers. The dialogue is spoken in German with English subtitles but never bombards the screen with monotone boredom. The actors poured themselves into the spoken words and truly brought the story to life, brimming with emotion and drawing the player along. Custom music also broadens the scope and introduces new unfamiliar sound to the atmosphere. The author provides the player with the ability to carry a long ranged as well as a short ranged weapon. The environment is alive with various, sometimes never encountered ambiance.


If you're into missions that put you behind enemy lines then this will bring the challenge. Plenty of scripts by the author, custom sound, music, units, weapons and a story that progresses with acting that is well above average. Plenty of details to digest.

You can view the beta thread here.

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