[OFP] Raining Blood by Chrispy

Raining Blood  by Chrispy

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Night
Weather Storm
Playable slots 12
Respawn/Revive Respawn
Filesize 62.28KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.46
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 3
Camera - 0
Scripting - 4

User rating


17 Jan 2009





You are a west side player in a sector control mission. Grab your team and defend your sectors.

Review by NightJay0044


It has good basic detail on what the player should do during the mission. What also makes it unique is that it has different languages: Italian, French, German and English.  The map isn't that crowded, it gives you plenty of room to run to your next sector and take a hiding spot able to shoot the enemy.  Objectives are basic here, just your simple click and coordinate places on the map, easy to find, you won't get lost.

Great part about this map is your team gets medics and don't forget the field hospitals, so you don't have to worry about being hurt for too long.


The environment is pretty neat.  It has a lot of hiding places and the game shows you who has controls of the sectors.  It takes place during the night which makes it difficult for players.  The author pays attention to using scripting to keep track of scoring. 

All the other sectors but the 5th sector you get more points the longer you hold on to it.  The point system is based on how long you hold your sectors. The markers are designated green for west and red for east.  It displays on your map so you know who controls what sector. Which is a unique part of the mission.  The game may be ended by the time limit, the score you have or both.  The one thing this mission lacks is a weapons selection in its ammo crates. I think it would add a lot more style if you had different choice of weapons instead of just an M16. Also one of the other flaws I noticed is when the AI are out of ammo they don't have a place to rearm.  The author should've paid attention, or otherwise they will just wait to be shot at.  Overall the good aspects are: points system, marker system, winning scenarios, amount of playable soldiers. 


Special notes are the marker system in it, red for east side and green for west side designated on the map. The different languages are available. The set up of each sectors and obstacles, the author was a bit on the creative side. 


From head to toe this mission has good points to it however at the end it is still a basic points to it, however at the end it is still a basic sector control mission.

You can view the beta thread here.

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