[ArmA] Operation Sunrise by Cloughy121

Operation Sunrise by Cloughy121

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Playable slots 8
Respawn/Revive Respawn
Filesize 3.13MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 5
Camera - 8
Scripting - 5

User rating


18 Jun 2009





SLA operatives keep attacking the south and the U.S. task force. The U.S. with limited resources is to liberate the North from the commies.

Review by hoz


The beginning cut scene in this mission is spectacular. The author does an awesome job with the camera work following and tracking the choppers, all the while you're entertained with Creams I feel music from the 70's era. Some effort could have been spent preparing the camera preloads but after the initial load it runs pretty smoothly. This is one highly entertaining piece of work and definitely a hard act to follow. Even though the camera work is well done there is some radio chatter which is just text, using custom voices would have really been a nice finishing touch. By the time the cut scene ends you're charged up for a battle!

Cloughy121 included some opening credits with the cut scene, I think these should have been saved for the outro but overall the author has really captured the players attention and has set a great example for other mission authors!


Nothing in the lobby to note, except there are 8 playable slots. One thing to maybe mention up front when you start the mission, if you take the leader position, you are the leader of a platoon of 30. Don't avoid the leader position, otherwise the AI hasn't been assigned any waypoints or instructions and once you get deeper in the mission this will really hinder you.

The briefing itself is lacking some key elements. We generally like to see a picture included and there are some minor grammar errors and punctuation errors. Cleaning these little items up could have really polished off the briefing.

All in all the links all worked and you can understand your tasks that lie ahead. The markers provide all the direction you would typically need.


Operation Sunrise starts where the cut scene ends, the chopper you are flying goes into a tail spin but the pilot is able to land safely. You start by being inserted into a fairly safe zone, but not safe for long. The cutscene is bordering on the side of being a bit too long. Especially with no way to skip out of the camera, thankfully the author makes up the lost time with many respawn positions into the large platoon.

The mission winds up with the first objective to clear the small town of Pita, but not before a crazy BMP races toward your squad. Its at this time that your Mission Plan is updated, there is barely time to check the briefing between whizzing bullets and launcher attacks but your given a hidden objective to attack some helicopters. The objective doesn't last long so you have to be quick!

Clearing Pita is no small chore, you're faced with some smart infantry and tough terrian when you head downhill into town. The author has dressed up the northern town of Pita nicely with ammo bunkers and tents, you get the impression the enemy controls this town while you try to clear out the East strongholds.

The author disables the compass which might get annoying until you find your bearings and whip out your map reading skills.


The camera scripting in the beginning cut scene really pumps the player up. The music choosen to accompany the intro fits nicely and over all this really adds atmosphere that charges the player up before he heads into a long day of battle.



Operation Sunrises easily provides hours worth of entertainment for you and your buds. The mission was very challenging, with 3 - 4 average players you can expect to be in combat for well over an hour. Less experienced players, especially those with little experience in leading a squad may not find this mission that enjoyable. On the other hand you may find the mission a great place to start taking charge and leading a large squad. There are enough units to lead that you don't have to be worried if one or two get killed off. If you enjoy being the boss and leadership you will definitely enjoy this mission.

You can view the beta thread here.

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