[ArmA] The Cause by Rejen

The Cause by Rejen

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side East
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 37.95MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 7
Briefing - 7
Camera - 8
Scripting - 8

User rating


14 Jan 2009





The player is more a product of the story. The player sees life through the eyes of a fresh recruit SLA soldier

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Review by schuler


Classically done with voice acting and shots of destroyed U.S. vehicles, there is even a bit of news on the radio for you. You will hear many accents and some funny bits to entertain you as well. Each intro sets the scene for the player and they are all enjoyable. This is an unfinished campaign and I would have loved to have seen the final outro and conclusion to the story. This one scores high in cinematics nevertheless. The author has shown his talent with camera scripting.


The map is well laid out, all details provided for each mission. You play a foot soldier so you won’t be selecting gear, but don’t worry, you will have opportunities to pick up weapons from the American soldiers you kill along your way. I liked the way the maps were done with no links moving to objects. It’s really up to you to look at the map details and it is easy to read. The Author adds the progress of the front line movement in every mission and does not jump all over the Island.


The concept of the campaign is as a story told by a character from the beginning intro. It has a solid story line with voice acting. Amazingly all voices are done by the author in a talented ability of theatrics that will win you over.You play a man who has seen his family and friends die by the hands of the Americans and the Racs. This is not a large campaign at all but has quality game play. However I will tell you right now this campaign is not finished. The author left the fifth chapter incomplete. A little birdie informed me of plans to take The Cause and complete chapters 1 and 2. This leaves me hanging. Oh shocky darn you say! I will tell you that the game play in each mission will still keep you in suspense as to what will happen next so having said that, this campaign is still most definitelyworth a play.

As a civilian you start out with no weapons and work your way up to carrying a MG and then a RPG. There are many different nationalities in the SLA in this campaign so you get nice accents and voice acting. At one point you and your squad are shown how to use an RPG by a Scottish commanding officer and it's a hoot!At certain times the missions get intense and you may well wonder how much more you can take before something gives. But don’t worry; the author has plans for this.


The intro cut scenes and outro’s are very professionally done. The theatrics lead you into good game play.You have the ability to put more into the game and have fun risking your life and going for kills that you wouldn’t have being an officer. This also leaves the game with replayability to go for more kills the second time around and push your skills to the limit. The open field battles and urban battles add to the realistic value of Arma and the author does a very good job all around in building this campaign. The author shows good use of the in-game editor without the use of a ton of scripts.


Although the campaign only has five chapters and is not completed I can still give you a 7 day money back guarantee that you will enjoy the gameplay and cinematics in this short and sweet campaign. We have something to look forward to if the author Rejen AKA Rejenorst” keeps his promise of an Arma2 The Cause chapters 1 and 2. Although this is unfinished and ends with no outro, it still leaves a good taste in your mouth and gets a high score. This is a good campaign for all skill levels.

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