[ArmA] =RTY= Counter Intel by SharkAttack

=RTY= Counter Intel by SharkAttack

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Rahmadi
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Playable slots 10
Respawn/Revive Revive
Filesize 1.24MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 6
Camera - 0
Scripting - 8

User rating


13 Jan 2009





Recently several top secret special forces missions have met with fierce resistance from enemy forces resulting in the deaths of many of our finest soldiers. It would seem that we have lost the element of surprise, we suspect that our Operational Command structure has been successfully infiltrated by enemy intelligence agents. Someone is tipping off the enemy in advance of our actions!

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Review by hoz


You won't find a beginning cutscene in this mission, the author demonstrates his editing abilites by sliding over an image to the middle of the screen with the mission name in it. Its pretty cool at first, but it kind of lingers around a bit too long. After trying the mission a few times it kind of gets in the way, never fear though it disappears eventually!


In the lobby you have 10 slots to choose from. You must take at least 1 person in the Technician slot, this person is required and has to download the databanks. There is a spot for the Forwarding Air Support Controller (FAC) this is an interesting position, he has to provide air support for your team mates. The rest of the postions are infantry positions of various types. Lastly, there is the Pilot slot, here the responsibilites are to transport units back and forth to the islands, and bring any players Joining in Progress to the battle front, basically a taxi driver. You can avoid the pilot slot and use the boats for transportation if you don't have what it takes as a pilot.

The lobby also contains options for dawn and dusk settings, this allows you to enjoy the mission in your favorite setting.

There is lots of different ammo to choose from in the weapons pool, if you can't find a weapon of your liking there are some ammo boxes on the barge as you start up. Take what ever weapon you feel comfortable with and get ready!

The briefing instructions contain all the information you will need on this adventure. Very informative.


The mission begins with you starting out in the middle of the ocean on a barge, there are helos and boats at your disposal, for transportation however you must choose the pilot slot in the lobby to pilot a helo. Boats work well too so don't fret if you can't fly very well. The journey isn't that far, but care must be taken when planning the landing zones. It may take you a few tries to find an appropriate location to land at and avoid that heavy artillery.

This mission is fairly straight forward, there are two objectives to complete. The first task is to find the data banks and download the information from them. The second objective is to bring that data back to barge.

Those tasks sound simple enough but the real struggle is hopping from island to island trying to locate the data banks. Team coordination is a must especially if you are playing with a small number of players. It's a good idea to stick fairly close to one or more team mates.


SharkAttack has included well suited custom music along with some credits presented at the end of the mission. Nothing fancy here, a nice way to end the mission.


This mission includes objectives which are beyond your basic clear that town or find the general and kill him. The tasks at hand are more about finding the data and downloading it, and getting off the islands and back to the safety of your barge. It's definitely not your typical run of the mill killing spree type mission.

SharkAttack includes an Air Support Console by Mandoble which gives the Forwarding Air Controller (FAC) a different type of duty, he is still out there covering your buddies asses, but also has the option of dropping strategic missiles at the enemy artillery. We all took turns playing the part of the FAC and really enjoyed this aspect of the mission. The mission also utilizes Norrin's Revive scripts!

The author also includes short informative radio messages that really add to the overall experience for the player.


Counter Intel is a very team orientated mission. There are plenty of exciting moments to contend with, and you seem to find yourself quite busy through out the mission. There are a few dull moments while you're moving from island to island but this gives you time to relax while the next battle front approaches.

Playing with three average players, we were able to complete this mission a number of times taking us just over an hour. This mission is a definite keeper in the eyes of this reviewer and to be enjoyed by players of all caliber.

You can view the beta thread here.

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