[ArmA] =RTY= Silva by SharkAttack

=RTY= Silva by SharkAttack

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Rahmadi
Time of Day Night
Weather Clear
Playable slots 10
Respawn/Revive Revive
Filesize 1.11MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 7
Camera - 0
Scripting - 7

User rating


06 Jan 2009





Before being captured one of our local intelligence agents was able to pass information revealing the whereabouts of the convicted (in his absence) war criminal General Silva. The risks involved in trying to bring this man before a court of law are deemed to be high. Instead a covert millitary strike has been sanctioned.

You are instructed to assassinate the head of Army intel the notorious General Silva.

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Review by hoz


There is no intro included in this mission, however SharkAttack displays a small title resource crediting himself for producing the mission, and you hear some radio chatter and startup music. This is a great way to provide some atmosphere to get you started. All in all it's very tactfully done.


The lobby screen contains a note that you must take a medic and a team leader with you. So you need at least two people to fully complete this mission properly. You're given various revive options here, but your AI team mates will be disabled once you begin.

The briefing contains vast amounts of information. A situation report is available, along with an intelligence report. There is real care taken to make sure you know what your objectives are.

The notes section contains some hints on how to beat the mission. A bit of a draw back.. Don't click the notes if you're not interested in spoilers.

SharkAttack provides a few interesting pictures and a biography of each of the intended targets.

The loadout screen allows you to choose your favorite rifle. We tried several combinations, but found that just using what you are comfortable with was the best option. Be sure that you carry along some night vision.


This mission has two random starting positions which really can add to the replayability factor of a mission, in this case you can battle the same town from 2 different directions and although the two positions expect you to battle from the top of a hill they are very different areas to defend. When you startup this mission, at hand is a boat, you can head up the coast and insert from the north-west tower as well, basically you can attack the mission from any angle and each time it comes out differently.

Depending on where you start in this mission you may experience a fairly long walk and then as soon as you reach the top of the hill, a barrage of infantry tries to oust you from your position. Playing with 3 players we had great difficulty completing this mission. You have to be aware and you need to stick close to your team mates. Reviving your fellow comrades is part of the job so be aware of their location!

SharkAttack has incorporated plenty of interesting elements in this mission, the spot lights roaming around at night really add to the immersion and chaos, and the constant barrage of flares has a way of blinding you at the most inappropriate time. There is a nice mix of light armour with what seemed like a constant stream of infantry including some East units and some Royal Guard units.


SharkAttack has combined custom voices and music which all add to the atmosphere in this mission and it definitely shows that the author knows what he's doing when it comes to providing you with an entertaining mission.

What's really special about this mission is there are multiple starting positions to get you started, with a little freedom for you to have a go at the mission from your own perspective. Perhaps you will choose the straight on approach, or you may wish to get in the boat and tackle the objectives from a different angle. There could be different outcomes depending on how you decide to tackle the mission.


Silva is an excellent mission overall, the replayability factor is extremely high. Playing with a small number of players, Silva is especially challenging and will provide many hours of enjoyment for the average player.


You can view the beta thread here.

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