[ArmA] =RTY= Delta Force by SharkAttack

=RTY= Delta Force by SharkAttack

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Night
Weather Clear
Playable slots 6
Respawn/Revive Revive
Filesize 1.05MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.12
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 5
Camera - 0
Scripting - 6

User rating


29 Oct 2008





We have received information that the notorious henchmen of General Silva, the De la Cruz brothers are located at a hotel in Arcadia. The hotel location is in the heart of the islands tourist centre rules out the possibility of an airstrike. Instead a covert assault on the building has been sanctioned. Assassinate the De La Cruz brothers.

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Review by hoz


There is no overview.


There are no intros.


There is no picture included in this mission at first glance, however SharkAttack has added some interesting pictures of each of your targets. A page taken from the US army's own play book, the author has added playing card type pictures like those used in the attack on Iraq where US soldiers were given a deck of cards to identify the highly sought after Saddam regime.

The rest of the briefing outlines your orders, its brief but you get an idea of about what your about to do.

The briefing offers a small weapon selection, all of the weapons there are silenced, the grenades can be helpful. Should you choose the pilot seat then be sure to swap your load out as you start with a M16 which puts you at a disadvantage with such a loud weapon.


TESTERS: Hoz, Stpguy, Cobra669
SERVER: Uber Server

In the lobby selection screen the Red Team player slots are standard Special Forces. You can start on the beach just in front of the hotel or one player can take the pilot slot. If you choose the pilot then you're expected to make an insertion onto the roof top of the hotel and tackle the mission from the top floor down. I might add that the mission is really designed to be played with a pilot and played from the chopper insertion, you can also play the mission from the beach. 

The description in the lobby says skilled pilot required, but if you don't populate that player slot, you can then play the mission from the beach. The sniper slot starts you outside of town and your not really playing as a team.

The mission is really designed to be played with a pilot and played from the chopper insertion.

The basic idea here is to move up and down the stairs clearing each floor in search of the moving targets. The mission is set at night, and although there is plenty of moon you're stuck with the night vision view while in the building limiting your peripheral view. The objectives are simple, target the De la Cruz brothers in the Arcadia hotel, this leaves little room to deviate from intended path of insertion.

The atmospheric elements are really missing from this mission,  its more like a quick and dirty insertion, where you're trying to improve your time and coordination with your team mates.

New players to ArmA might find it a challenge at first but it won't take long to land that chopper and complete the mission. The veteran player will breeze through this mission even a beginner will do well.


There are no outros.


This mission is using a customized AI script to move the units through the hotel. This really adds to the excitement as you come across units moving around the hallways. If you missed a guy on one floor, later on you would find him coming down the stairs looking for you. This mission really requires close combat skills and team work. A timer script is included with the mission that can be used to improve your time to complete the objectives.


This mission was fun to play and we had a lot of hours of enjoyment before mastering the team play.

Delta Force is mostly a No Frills type mission where you don't need to know very much before you're having fun, and is packed with constant action, but missing many of the finer details found in some of the more elaborate SP missions.

We played this mission over and over until we finally beat it and have played it many times since. This mission is definitely a keeper, its a great warm up mission, and definitely a new ArmA player would get lots of enjoyment out of it.

You can view the beta thread here.

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