[ArmA] Lighthouse Expedition by fleepee

Lighthouse Expedition by fleepee

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Playable slots 8
Respawn/Revive Respawn
Filesize 69.33KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.05
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 7
Camera - 3
Scripting - 5

User rating


29 Nov 2008





Liberate two towns on the southern island of Sahrani, free prisoners and ultimately - clear the enemy presence at the lighthouse.

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Review by Cheetah


A simple free flowing camera shows the path to your objective in a simple way. The camera angles used aren't stunning, the intro has but one purpose and that is to show the players their objectives. There is some music present, but it is of little effect in this short intro. In short, a no frills multiplayer intro.


The plan section contains a bit of intel and the objectives. These objectives are without links to markers on the map, while those in the intel part have them. This was something I didn't like, I prefer being able to link to the markers from the objectives. Speaking of the markers, the map is decently laid out but could have been simplified with more marker text as to give more information.

The weapon selection is limited but present and offers a little standard variety of different rifles and machine guns. Other than that, there is the notes section with some hints concerning the way the mission's respawn works. I especially like the way the credits are presented, in a special page linked to from the notes section, well done.


Tested on dedicated server, with Loki's Nightmare players.

This mission has no spectacular AI scripts nor any fancy mods. Do not expect custom voices or dialogs either. Expect plenty of objectives to complete, enough enemies to fire at and with decent teammates a good heap of fun in this average and not-to-original mission.

Thanks to the respawn system in place, the mission remains enjoyable even if you happen to die and therefore is suitable for public server play. However, this decreases the difficulty as you can happily respawn twenty times without any punishment. For clans and individuals who like a bit of teamwork it could prove fatal.

In terms of gameplay and replayability the mission isn't spectacular. It offers solid ArmA gameplay without frills except for the mission's length and respawn system. Battle the SLA until you completely eradicate them from several areas. If you happen to like that, you can replay this mission but it won't offer much variance in terms of enemy emplacement or movement. Worth mentioning is the fine unit emplacement as the mission goes to the final stages. You'll notice an increase in difficulty and have to overthink your actions or the respawn system will work overtime.

I sure had fun, but upon completion felt relieved that I had found all those awaiting death.


As this mission is longer than average the respawn system employed is useful in that you respawn relatively close to your active objective. This prevents long walks and makes the mission more suitable for public play.


Thanks to the respawn option this map is made enjoyable even on public servers and with a low number of players. However, it feels as if the mission is a bit rough around the edges. There are no special scripts or other things in the mission that make it better than average.

Play this mission if you like a long mission, with plenty of infantry action along with a few friends or unknown others.

You can view the beta thread here.

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