[OFP] Border Quarrel by Cheetah

Border Quarrel by Cheetah

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Day
Weather Cloudy
Filesize 809.11KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96
Addons None

Overview - 8
Briefing - 7
Camera - 6
Scripting - 6

User rating


09 May 2009





The situation on Malden looks bad for the Americans as the Russians are mobilizing a lot of their forces. In the South, near Chapoi, there appears to be heavy enemy resistance.

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Review by NightJay0044


The overview here is basic. It's an M2 Machine gun with some fences around it.


The intro was really well made. The author used different types of fonts in here which made it really nice instead of the boring old titletext. The intro was quick and to the point, no real flaws in here I saw.


This map is laid out well without appearing cluttered. The plan is quite understandable and easy to follow. You eventually get together with a squad in the mission at Chapoi and take command. A weapons selection was in place, had to take the M16 here instead of the standard. There are plenty of RPG's to choose from once the battle starts. Overall the briefing was good.


Lots to talk about here. If you enjoyed playing the official BIS mission "Ambush", then you'll like this mission. It plays very similar. But instead of attacking you're defending. You start alone in a US camp where you meet up with a jeep. The base is nice, and realistic. I don't like bases where there is a couple of tents or something, realism is good. There's a long drive from Le Port to Chapoi in your jeep which is not too long, but it's to the point of the mission.

You are ordered to meet your squad north of Chapoi where you join them for patrol. This is pretty cool, but the plot by the enemy was kind of predictable where they were going to come from. But sometimes it is. Then the Russians attack and there are quite a lot of them, it's a good battle fight, when I played it, all of my guys were KIA except me of course. After the battle then you receive orders to head to Chapoi where the final battle begins.

This part of the mission gets you going. It's hard, you have to find some good cover or else you're going to get shot if you just lag around. The tanks movement was really nice, they shot at anybody they saw, they didn't just drive around. The enemy is a bit large in force, so if you have a lower spec computer it might be a bit slow or (LAG) in our terms. The mission does have waypoints for you so you don't get to lost unless your playing on veteran who doesn't need the waypoint but they're there just in case.

The author did a really nice job here with both of the battles and how it played. The only thing which didn't play so well was towards the end of the mission where you had to go to the outskirts of the town and find the last guy because the enemy soldiers didn't go to Chapoi, they just stayed put in the outskirts of Chapoi, which is not fun to try and find the last guy to complete the mission. Authors should really start using the 80% rule of enemy forces dead to end their missions if it's to eliminate all forces it should have the 90% rule.

The mission does offer replayability because of the big battle at the end in Chapoi. The structure of this mission is good and it's one to play.


Nothing too special here, but at least there is an outro. Most missions don't have them.


One thing that was unique of this mission is the font the author used in the intro instead of title text, the different font sytle was used. It was lot like Ambush mission but not the same.


The main reason why I gave it a 6/10 was because of the scripting and the long ride from Le Port to Chapoi. In the end fight in Chapoi, the author could fix the AI placement and movement with some scripting to have enemies move into the town better or that when the enemy is 80% or 90% dead the mission ends. I enjoyed was the style of the mission because it was like the mission "Ambush". The intro was good and to the point.

The bases were realistic and soldier's placement was good. Things to work on are the AI scripting waypoints and some thought on the long ride from the start. Overall I enjoyed this mission and am willing to play again. I would keep it in my hard drive =)..Great job.

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