[ArmA] Air Traffic by Cheetah

Air Traffic by Cheetah

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 41.64KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 3
Briefing - 4
Camera - 0
Scripting - 4

User rating


08 Sep 2008





Deliver Special Forces to Cedras and return to base. But could it be that easy?

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Review by schuler


Simple and effective enough, although a better image could have been provided or swapt with the promo picture in the overview. All in all it serves the purpose in a No Frills mission.


None needed, this is a No Frills mission.


Starting out at your Airbase you have a routine troop transport about 2 clicks away. No biggie just another day on the job.
I myself decided to pack a lunch, a coke, ham sandwich and a pint of jack just incase of some down time.

The briefing fits the mission very well the only thing that could have been added is the weather. There is a low haze over the island and visibility is poor at the altitude of 100 meters.

You will notice that there is no gear selection and only about 4 mags and some flares. Good enough for the job and it leaves room for that lunch.
The map is just fine, nice and clean.


You start out in the black hawk, our SF transits board and then it is all up to you get them there safely. I would suggest a savegame just if you happen to clip a tree at the LZ.

Once you fly back and land safely, you will now go from troop transport carrier to an attack helicopter pilot role. Here is where you will test your real flying abilities. There’s no particular route you have to take on your way to eliminate the enemy. You can go over the mountains, around the north hugging the ocean or sneak up from the south.

If you survive being shot down use your ammo carefully to hold of your attackers till a rescue can get to you. If you think taking on the armor is a challenge, the rescue can really put some presser on you depending on how far into enemy territory you go down.


None needed


You can fly back to the airbase after completing the mission or try to take out some ground infantry units. The rescue team is still on stand by. But they are not heavily armed. If you lose them to the enemy, finding a way back is interesting and fun.

The mission is less then 20min or so but if you want a real battle and a chance to prove you’re a pilot that can shoot a weapon go after the ground infantry and see what happens. This is a plus and the mission will be quite longer and more fun.


Air Traffic is a nice helicopter pilot role that covers basic Black Hawk UH-60 flight to engaging the enemy with the infamous AH-Z1 attack helicopter. The game is fairly short or can very in length if your AH-Z1 its shot down.

Also beware your rescue crew are not the best navigators though the mountains and can be overwhelmed by the enemy forces quickly too. One thing the game lacks is the flight time if you are an experience pilot, but with no addons and a quick down load you can add one or two more feathers to your wings with this No Frills mission. I think anyone can enjoy this mission.

You can view the beta thread here.

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