[ArmA] Last Hope by Cheetah

Last Hope by Cheetah

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Rahmadi
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 1.22MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.08
Addons None

Overview - 6
Briefing - 5
Camera - 6
Scripting - 5

User rating


11 Apr 2008





Rahmadi has been overrun. Now you have no other option than to put up a fight against the SLA and pray for reinforcements to arrive.

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Review by NBSVieiraPT


This overview has everything it needs. The text is short and straight-forward, filling you up with everything you need to know about the mission. The picture could be a little bit more about the mission itself though. Both author's name and version's number are present.


Good scene that shows the troops' preparation of the defence. The fog helps a lot in the immersion and the voice-overs are a good plus, sadly they are a tiny bit desynchronized.


The briefing is ok but very short and concise. There is no mention of the artillery's position referred to in the intro.
Notes page is used as a small soldier diary that could have been used to give the player some identity and help in the immersion. This would spice up the briefing a bit further.
Definitely a plus is the gear selection that let's you choose from a reasonable range of weapons.


The player is quickly brought into action as soon as the mission kicks in with a fierce and scary artillery strike. This attack will decimate some defenders' lives and the player must find good shelter for him and the team he's leading in order to survive it.

Right after the initial shock, waves of enemy infantry escorted by armoured vehicles close in on the town and all hell breaks loose. You have to defend your ground until reinforcements arrive, and trust me you will soon be praying for them to come. Enemy infantry will strike merciless from all sides and just when you think it can't be worse, enemy tanks come in hard, escorting even more infantry in trucks. Thankfully, you will receive reinforcements which will help you neutralise the fierce SLA.

If you play your cards right and keep your head down you'll most probably survive the merciless attack and still have some of your team mates breathing ready to counter-attack. This will be your second objective, chase the fleeing SLA troops right back to where they came from and destroy their artillery guns.

At this point you will be leading a 12 men squad which allied with the eager reinforcements must cross the plains surrounding the SLA positions and bring them hell.
If you use your men properly and don't go rambo-ish it isn't that hard to destroy the enemy artillery guns that are lightly, but effectively, defended.
Mission ends when all enemy artillery guns are turned into ashes.


The Outro Win shows your squad mopping up after the successful counter-attack which lead to victory. Again, voice acting is a nice and a welcome plus.


Nothing much to say from this mission but the custom voices. Even though the voice acting is pretty average, it gives the mission another level of immersion, specially in (and during) the initial SLA attack.


A short mission though it packs a whole lot of action and lacks in story and briefing. Gladly, the custom voices allied with the initial shock of the artillery bring it some depth and immersion. There isn't much replay value as after the first run, one can complete it quickly. Besides the enemy vehicles movement it lacks some randomness.

You can view the beta thread here.

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