[ArmA] Final Liberation by mathias_eichinger

Final Liberation by mathias_eichinger

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side Resistance
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 335.24KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.08
Addons None

Overview - 7
Briefing - 6
Camera - 5
Scripting - 7

User rating


22 Mar 2008





As a RACS Reserve officer, lead your team mates in the final attack against SLA positions as a final blow to end this costly war. First destroy an important asset and then assist in the major battle and try to survive until the aftermath.

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Review by NBSVieiraPT


It is well written and has everything a mission overview should have, a picture with a border and an introductory text on what is coming.
However, the picture seems a bit too-stretched and the border is a bit too wide. It also lacks version number and author name.


It gives a general insight on the war you are fighting in some nice camera angles. The writing style is appellative and only lacks a voice-over.
Could do with a bit more dynamism though, as it only consists of four scenes that are too static.


Now this is one big briefing! Plenty of information is available to the player from what he is facing to guidelines on how he should act throughout the mission. It gives the player a realistic preview on what is to come.
Mission objectives unfortunately are relegated to the second page which can turn quite annoying every time you need to check if an objective is completed or not. This could be avoided with the extra info being put in a separate page.
The Notes page consists of a nice letter from the Lt. Col. which gives you even more detailed informations and some much needed heads-up.
The gear is appropriated to the mission outline and the group is adequate, consisting of privates and corporals. It is rather weird that the leader of such big team is a sniper, but it is OK.

It is an easy-to-read briefing without typos and with fully working markers that make the map intuitive to interpret. The major problem is the lack of reference and explanation on how to use the radio and what the radio signals do. A pity.


You start near a slope that leads you to your first target. You have to destroy a well garrisoned radio tower before you initiate the assault against the final SLA positions.
As soon as you reach the plain where the tower is you find yourself facing a well defended position with lots of angry men with pointy things that go “bang” looking straight at you. The shilkas are to be destroyed first and then expect a hard task in cleaning the sandbags and MG nests.
This can turn into a hard task if not done properly, which means using the AI units you have at your disposal in coordinate firing tactics. Or you can try and do it “Rambo-style” risking being shot by MG fire.

After radio tower is down, prepare yourself for a fierce fight in the hills before even reaching the town. I really loved the author's work in making the AI react to the explosion. The atmosphere starts to be very tense as you risk death from sniping from the town if you stand up and if you don't move fast you will be quickly flanked.

As soon as you get rid of the flanking troops, use the radio to initiate assault and start sniping the town from afar while the other grunts do the dirty work. You need to clear every sector of town and beware of enemies on top of roofs and inside houses. In numerous occasions I found enemies hidden behind bushes or inside the buildings' halls. Scary stuff!
Sometimes the attacking force fails and you must do all the dirty work by yourself which can turn into a really hard task depending on how many men you still have left at your side.
The attack on the town is very well designed and the use of the several dynamic AI scripts spices up the task even more.

Mission ends when you have cleared all sectors of enemy presence and meet up with the general at the communist party HQ.


Small dialogue between you and the general in the aftermath of battle. Very simple but it wraps it up pretty well.
The first scene could be a bit shorter.


The various scripting elements spice up the mission and give it some randomness.
Also loved the way AI reacted to the explosion and your presence in town.


A mission that starts as simple sabotage and seek & destroy but evolves into a much bigger battle where you will find yourself pinned down many times by superior enemy forces. This, with intelligent use of AI scripting provides the player quite a nice task to beat.
The attack on the final objective is just right in terms of enemy presence and fierce fire fights which portray pretty nicely the chaotic and almost-over war scenario the author showed both in intro and briefing. Definitely a great mission for all those who like to be a grunt and have to chance to save the day.

You can view the beta thread here.

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