[ArmA] Guardian Angel by LCD

Guardian Angel by LCD

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Night
Weather Clear
Filesize 5.15MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.08
Addons None

Overview - 7
Briefing - 8
Camera - 7
Scripting - 9

User rating


03 Sep 2007





A great story driven mission that is part assassination, part investigation amid a scene of political upheaval on sunny Sahrani.

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Review by Denz


The overview has all it needs. A decent picture taken from the mission along with some descriptive, albeit intriguing text.


The Intro is a slick cinematic presentation accompanied by the memorable Ennio Morricone theme tune from the "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Marred slightly in a couple of scenes by some texture problems that the "preloadCamera" command could have fixed.


The briefing is comprehensive to say the least. There is background information on the current situation and biographies of your targets and the reported location of General Benitez. As well as instructions on how to use some of the special equipment that has been given to you for this mission. It's let down by the fact that a few spelling mistakes are present.


Guardian Angel is not your typical "lone wolf" mission. All the regular features are there; frantic firefights, plenty of sneaking around and the chance to blow stuff up, but there are several inclusions that make it rise above the crowd. The overall presentation of the mission is high. The author has meticulously scripted the mission to ensure that the story flows smoothly and that everything plays out like it should. The story is all important to this mission and the first scene is highly detailed and well thought out so it's a shame then that afterwards, it suffers from a lack of explanation as to why certain events that follow need to happen. This doesn't detract much from the mission though and it is still highly enjoyable to play. Complete an optional objective during the mission and you unlock the ability to play the final part of the mission as the character who assisted you at the beginning. This is a nice inclusion that helps to explain one of the mission's mysteries as well as add an element of replayability.


After successfully completing the mission you are treated to the outro. Consisting of a short scene where the two protagonists of the story finally meet face to face and tantalizes with the fact that the story will continue.


This mission benefits from particularly good scripting. The author has modified several Operation Flashpoint scripts for use in this mission. Apart from the scripts, there are custom voices throughout the mission and in both the Intro and the Outro.


There are some short comings to the story, but it still stands that Guardian Angel is an original and inventive mission that is well worth checking out. Enjoyable to play, tough in places, but never too frustrating. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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