[OFP] Assault Support by Anmac

Assault Support by Anmac

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Kolgujev
Time of Day Dawn
Weather Foggy
Filesize 2.95MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.75

Overview - 8
Briefing - 10
Camera - 8
Scripting - 10

User rating


31 Aug 2009





Have your hummer, with your two man squad inside, airlifted into enemy territory. Then use your silenced PSG-1 sniper rifle to support U.S. assault on a Russian armour base. Fourth mission in the Anmac series.

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Review by YankeeTanker


Short and concise .. straight to the point.


The intro was kinda bland.. Althought I don't know what the author intended (guess I should ask) there was a nice shot of a helo bringing in the players hummer... but that was just about all.


This is one of the areas that this guy makes his money... this and scripting that is. The briefing is excellent. There are great icons and vivid colors on the map and the information is right on time. Do not pass up the notes they help set the tone for the mission. Good work here.


The sniper rifle is very nice... but it seemed that at extreme range it became very unreliable.. instead of having to add range for long distance... you had to drop .. humm .. maybe someone can explain? But at short to medium range this thing is a silent killer and the camo pattern is great.

You also have an assortment of logical objectives in this mission making the realism good. You are sorta leaving a trail of terror along the way...

The enemy are well placed and tricky... they don't respond immediately but are very professional and deadly when they figure out your game.

The base is nicely laid out .. I think it is custom ..not sure, but another job well done.

Loved the in-mission credits .. nice touch!!!


From what I saw the camera was in position at all times.


As fore mentioned, this guy has a great grip on the OFP scripting. The mission has custom music (AC/DC), Custom voices (to include a celebrity... ;} ), BIS game voices, custom made and designed add-ons (some by ANMAC), and scripts that I have never seen before.


(Review version 1.25 - Date: Jun 2002) A great mission. Wanna few hints??

Trees on Kolgujev are really hard!!, HMMWV's don't have Emergency breaks (rolled down a hill without me), remember which tree you park your Hummer beside (they all look the same), don't switch to the map while travelling downhill, some bushes shoot back (I swear).... ;] Lessons learned people!!

Seriously, a great mission that will show some of the junior scriptwriters the ropes to becoming an advanced writer.

"Good Luck, Good Hunting, and I hope you have a rally drivers license"


P.S. - Does the SASR really use that rifle .. wonder if they take Yanks??

P.S.S - Can you smell the breakpads burnin?? You'll see. ;)

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