[OFP] Assault Support II: Assault Harder by Anmac

Assault Support II: Assault Harder by Anmac

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Kolgujev
Time of Day Day
Weather Mixed
Filesize 3.11MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 8
Briefing - 9
Camera - 9
Scripting - 10

User rating


31 Aug 2009





The U.S. assault was overcome by 3 Hind gunships late in the battle. Now you have to get back to base from the far north of Kolgujev. And a WHOLE lot more. Don't pass this up!!!

The second part in the Assault Support saga. Fifth mission in the Anmac series.

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Review by YankeeTanker


I like to include the readme in this .. so I thought it was thorough and to the point. No more .. no less!


Overview of the first mission in this series with custom music and voices.


Like the last mission, this briefing is short and contains some good information without boring the player with useless babble and graphic overlays. ** A word of warning ** Guys do NOT miss the 3rd page of the notes.. it is optional to female players.. 'Is she available since I died in the mission so many times' ;)


Ah...the second of the series. I opened it with as much anticipation as a child on Christmas (if you celebrate)... and don't you know .. I got the toy that I wanted for months (the one no one else can find...) Seriously. A difficult feat I thought topping the first one was going to be... I was wrong... It appears as if ANMAC has bested even himself.

2 things that this mission requires... Situational Awareness and Tactical Patience... if you don't have them... get 'em if you plan on surviving the whole way. This mission can be finished in a multitude of different ways so this ranks high on 'Replay' chart. It also warrants keeping around for some inspiration for the detail that good missions require.

Be advised that some of the enemy will follow you and if you do not "micromanage" your spotter he is toast...the poor lad... but you can finish the mission without him.

The one flaw is that the SASR squad that is supplied at a critical part also isn't that bright but they are capable when you get them moving.


This mission has great detail on all levels and I am going to add the Intro and the Camera work into this when I say that the Recap of the last mission was a great touch.

Once again, it has custom music ('Band of Brothers', I think), custom voices...a lot of them and just at the right points, parachuters, great AI, custom weapons and characters..so on and so on... It's got it all people.


(Review version 1d - Date: Jun 2002) What kept this from being a 10, you ask? That freakin Sniper rifle... see the other review for the reasons... and if you haven't played that one... what the hell are you waiting for.

Congrats. ANMAC... BIS would be proud to have you on their team.. (I guess)

"Good luck, Good Hunting...and take care of that stupid spotter"


P.S. - Where is the freakin armor support!!!!

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