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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #45 on: 18 Jun 2003, 16:57:16 »
Both sound like good ideas.


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Re:Helicopter Pilot
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This is easily the most idiotic and least thought-out post I've seen on any board.  Since you're only 16 (and you certainly act it), I'll give you some advice.

I think its best NOT to mention your age on the net.

anyway... Back to the topic...

Personally, i think that the missions where you are by yourself deep behind enemy lines, with minimal weponary are the best missions in ofp.

 I tried making  a couple myself, but they wern't very good. the placement of units are crictal.

hows about you attack the airfield in n attack chopper and successfully, but ya dont control it
on the way back a sam disables your helo and ya crash but dont get injured(airbags?)
then the airbase survivors are lookin for a lil revenge and come hunting

I think that this is a great idea for a mission!!! You could use the tail rotor failure script, so that when the AA gun hits you your chopper crashes but you survive!!

I'll help if you want, but i have only got verson 1.46, i guess you will be using 1.90??



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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #47 on: 28 Jun 2003, 05:22:50 »
Alright, so one thing we agree on: (or most of us)

-Mixed missions, not just flying.  Anything else?  Or anybody wanna make a mission?


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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #48 on: 20 Jul 2003, 02:03:49 »
sorry it's not an actual mission, but i just put my HELO pilot training manual into the editors depot, if that's close enough, hope it helps.
dunno why it's there twice!

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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #49 on: 24 Jul 2003, 04:44:24 »
I have an idea for a dynamic helicopter campaign based on Longbow 2.  The idea is that your entire campaign takes place in one mission.  The two opposing sides are arrayed on either side of a line that divides the island in two. every time you complete an objective, and return to your   FARP, instead of going on to the next mission, your retry position is updated, and it becomes night time.  A new objective is given to you that is decided by triggers that are activated by various battlefield conditions.  For example if an enemy unit advances into you territory, then a trigger will activate that makes your next objective to go out and destroy that unit.  If an enemy supply convoy is detected by friendly recon units, then your next objective is to go out and destroy it.  If a weakness forms in your battle line, then a trigger will signal enemy units to advance into your territory.  Likewise friendly units will advance into enemy territory if a weakness forms in their battle line.  You the pilot continue accomplishing or failing your objectives until either your side forces the last enemy unit off the island, or your FARP is overrun by enemy units.  Their would be two objectives each day one during day time, and one at night.  But the entire battle would take place in one mission file.  Depending on how effectively you fly the battle could be over after completing 20 objectives or could go on for over 100 because new units are spawned after several days to simulate arriving reinforcements, and reserves.  Also you would need to protect friendly supply convoys that rearm refuel your tanks.  Destroy the enemy supply convoys and their tanks will runn out of ammo and fuel.  You would fly missions ranging from CAS, SEAD, CAP, CSAR, Spec Ops deployment and escort.  You could also use radio commands to call in artillery airstrikes or CSAR if you get shot down.  If your CSAR goes down from enemy fire then you would have to steal a civies car and avoid the roadblock.  Also civilians would flee the battle field in mass hordes.  Everything being determined by triggers and scripts.  SSOOOO.... who is interested in making this?


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Re:Helicopter Pilot
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Good idea!


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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #51 on: 29 Jul 2003, 06:19:25 »
(a little off topic though  :-[)

How bout making Behind Enemy Lines mission (if there isn't one) where you get hooked by a SAM and you know the rest. Doesn't have to be all same in movie, but you get the idea, evade, find a way out, blablabla. Maybe add your own creativity to it.
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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #52 on: 02 Aug 2003, 03:17:46 »
Yeah, your idea seems to go along with ours, only you are piloting a helo, not a plane.

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Re:Helicopter Pilot
« Reply #53 on: 02 Aug 2003, 09:39:32 »
Another idea would be more quick straight to the point missions.

i mean if you've played Airborne or Facile ground by Sui then you could have a mission like assisting a beach landing and providing close air support to the men running up the beaches.

Also in Sui's airborne mission there's a chinook that cops a hit to its engine's and starts going down, u could be the pilot and try to keep it steady so that the men can get out and then you ditch.
to add to it your in smack bang in the middle of an airborne invasion and you could make random events up that hinder your progress to a friendly base!

what about gunner missions?
In delta force black hawk down one of the first missions is to aid a broken down un convoy, anyway you end up boarding a black hawk and providing fire from the mini guns and covering a convoy.

The CSAR idea is good and the Bas Rangers & Delta's would be great.
when Super Six One went down in mogidishu the CSAR team that roped from Super Six Eight was made up of Rangers and Delta's so if the BAS units were used with the MH-60L due out soon then you could make up a real tense battle field scenario.
also another aspect could be that you r the gunner and you have to cover the CSAR team as they rope in.

maybe you could have the Little Bird landing at the crash like Star Four One did at Wolcott's crash site.

It would be good to do something with the helicopers that is diferent and not done b4 in flashpoint.


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