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Author Topic: Campaign Hint.  (Read 818 times)

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Campaign Hint.
« on: 02 May 2003, 16:31:25 »
Although im new to ofpec and mission building in general, i want to start giving back to this invaluable resource as soon as i had something to give. Although its not much, and probably common sense, here it is.
I decided early on that in order to create what i wanted to play, i would have to make several mission, and so i decided a campaign was in order.
To create a good campaign, you need a good story behind it, and a good reason for why things are being done. I have found its helped me alot to write a short story, yes, actually sit down with a book and write. Its boring, a little tedious, but its going to provide me with a strong reference for what missions i need to make, and what order ill need to arrange them in.
Its easy when you think about it, even if you write as little as why its happening, when its happening, whats going to be the result, and how would YOU go about doing it if you had an army at your disposal.
Thats my first contribution, basic, and probably useless, i hope it helps or inspires at least 1 person.  :D

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Re:Campaign Hint.
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2003, 16:44:12 »
Quite right!

Never mind a campaign, you should do this for a single mission.    Mission making is a branch of storytelling:  if you don't have a good story, and tell it well, you don't have a good mission.  

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