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Author Topic: Davidian II: The Second Coming  (Read 1084 times)

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Davidian II: The Second Coming
« on: 06 May 2003, 16:10:48 »
Been working slowly on a 2nd part to my Davidian Cult mission. The brief story outline is as follows:

Davidian 2: The Second Coming Brief Story:

The Town's local Oil Refinery has recently, for the past few weeks, been covered with a slightly pale mist.

The Townsfolk have been experiencing unusual health problems, such as severe headaches, runny noses, violent muscle spasms and
SARS-like Symptoms. There have also been several reports of open wounds rotting.

But violent muscle spasms and rotting flesh rules out SARS.

Doctors and Scientists say extremely small doses of VX/Sarin Nerve Gas can create very similar symptoms. But if any form of Sarin
was present in the town, most of the population would be wiped out by now. Sarin also has no colour, so therefore cannot be the mist
covering the Refinery.

Scientists think it may be a new mutation of the Flu, as the viral structure is quiet similar to the Flu.

Intelligence suggests the pale mist covering the Oil Refinery formed around the same time as the Town's residence experienced
the first signs of this new Flu-like mutation.

Contact with the Oil Refinery has been attempted, but no luck so far.

The situation in the Town is getting worse, with the death toll at 17, and rising.

So, with no form of contact being made with the Refinery, ATCO (Anti-Terrorist Coalition) has made the decision of sending in a highly
trained agent, to see what the hell is going on, and why no contact can be made with the seemingly abandoned Oil Refinery.

After the mission:

The agent gathered plenty of information from the Refinery:

The Flu-like viral mutation did indeed come from the Oil Refinery. Upon entering the Refinery the agent noticed several dead bodies, rotting
away with broken limbs (obviously from violent muscle spasms).

A fairly large amount of resistance was present, and did not give up without a fight.

Files from the office computers were dowloaded, and contained sensitive information.

Summary of info:

The thought-to-be-dead Davidian Cult hi-jacked the Refinery and drained all Oil from the tanks, and carted it to a safe place and burnt it.

The tanks were then filled with oxygen and a deadly Germ/Chemical mixture. The tanks' pipe seals were rapidly corroded away by the Chemical
and leaked very quickly into the open-air.

The Germ contains a SEVERE Flu-like viral structure, with an extremely corrisive Chemical, which is infact a mixture of Sarin, and corrosive acid.

The reason the Chemical stays airborne is because the Sarin that is contained within it, is infact an airborne Chemical, and is also EXTREMELY
adhesive. Therefore it is almost impossible to remove from a solid surface. The only way it can be removed is over time. It slowly dissipates.

The dead bodies found were rotting from the corrosive acid present in the Chemical.

The Sarin was acquired from a local Piggery, where highly deadly chemicals for cleaning, and flushing are present.

Mixing all the chemicals together forms a slightly weak strain of Sarin. But still enough to wipe out alot of people.


Thought up, and written by: Slayer/GodHatesUsAll

Thoughts/Ideas are welcome. Cheers.


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Re:Davidian II: The Second Coming
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2003, 22:19:04 »
why burn the oil...sell it finance the cause


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Re:Davidian II: The Second Coming
« Reply #2 on: 20 May 2003, 04:48:11 »
the symptoms you described, are current with probably all SMALLPOX cases. maybe that should be better. you could base it on something similar to the anthrax situation, where it came from the U.S.'s own AMRAAD base.


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Re:Davidian II: The Second Coming
« Reply #3 on: 22 May 2003, 10:20:07 »
Well, ive stopped working on it for a while now.

Cant find an island with a big enough space to chuck the refinery, as it is HUGE.

Also, im working on multiplayer missions for WW2EC, as they have no multiplayer mission makers.


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Re:Davidian II: The Second Coming
« Reply #4 on: 23 May 2003, 00:13:43 »
GodHatesUsAll, I don't like that name.  God doesn't hate us all, he just .. . . . . . well i'm not going to say that, its a PeRsOnEl atTaCk  >:(

Anyways, sounds a little wild my friend.