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Bomb Squad
« on: 25 Mar 2003, 05:56:12 »
How about this for a mission?

You are playing as one side (can be east or west) and you are given word that bombs (satchel charges) have been planted at one of your bases and you need to go in there and find and disarm them within like 10-20 minutes or so. Not only are the bombs hidden and you have to find them, but after a couple minutes the enemy starts to attack the base, so now you are trying to fight them off AND find/disarm the bombs before they blow up. Could make for some intense action.

I don't think I would possibly be able to code this, but if someone wants to try it I think it would be a pretty cool mission. You could either give hints to where the bombs were placed or just make the user go and look everywhere for them. Send in like a squad of 4 or 5 guys to look for the bombs (but make it so the user has to find them, don't have it so his teammates run up and disarm the bombs right away, that wouldn't be any fun). Also, if there is a way to set random placement of the bombs it would be even better because then you couldn't just find them once and then know where they are every time you play it.

And for the base itself. You could:

1) Have it so it's completely empty because everyone cleared out from the threat.
2) Have most of it empty except for a couple groups of soldiers, possibly something important that couldn't have been moved yet (like a SCUD) that they stayed back to protect, hoping you could come in an disarm the bombs before anything serious happened.
3) Have it where the base is packed full of soldiers who don't know there are bombs placed and when you come and break the news, chaos breaks out and they all try to evacuate. Then they could possibly get ambushed by the enemy on the way out, most of them are taken out and then it's kinda like #2 where it's you and a small group of soldiers left to try and fight them off while looking for the bombs before they blow up.

There's a lot of possibilities. I think this would be a sweet mission, but like I said, I don't know how to do hardly any coding at all so I don't think I would be able to make the mission, but I would definitally play it if someone else did.

*EDIT* In case anyone is wondering how you would possibly disarm the bombs, the SpecOps have an option to "disarm satchel charges". I don't know if you can do that for the enemy, but I know you can disarm your team's charges. If you cannot disarm an enemy charge then I guess just set it up so your teammate sets up the satchel charges and puts a timer on them for (however long you want). Something like that I guess.
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