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Author Topic: Regarding Siberian Sun 1.85  (Read 874 times)

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Regarding Siberian Sun 1.85
« on: 08 Mar 2003, 13:02:07 »
Since the comments section is broke I need to make a thread here.

Basically, I am not happy with kuro downgrading Archangel because of his "overuse" of Add-Ons. Downgrading him like this will make mission authors think twice and thrice about using Add-Ons or not. Similarly, if authors are not using Add-Ons, then what's the point of making Add-Ons in the first place?

I think that using Add-Ons should be encouraged, as long as it is clear where they can be obtained from (ofp.info is a great source) and as long as they have some sort of use in the mission. Downloading an editor add-on because of 1 additional tree on the island would be nonsense of course.

Add-Ons are there to enhance the OFP experience and to enhance missions. If they are not used, add-on makers will eventually stop making them which will leave everyone unhappy.

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Re:Regarding Siberian Sun 1.85
« Reply #1 on: 08 Mar 2003, 14:10:28 »
Hallo EX-RoNIN:

i think it is a good point for a discussion. My personal (not offical OFPEC) policy is, i do not give a better score or downgrade a mission because of the use of AddOns. I just mention it on the Pros (if less AddOns are used) and on the Cons if a lot of AddOns are used.
IMHO a lot of AddOns prevent "normal" Users from playing the mission. The winter islands are really a good AddOn and it makes fun to play on them. But for this mission i had to install 19 Vehicle pbos and two island (i do not understand why two island are needed for one mission  :o )
Please AddOn Makers make one or two Wintervehicle Pbos. And not a single pbo for every vehicle.  But i get your point and will be more careful in my comments about AddOns.

With best Regards

P.S I checked and changed my review it was to negative about AddOns (sorry) >:(
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Re:Regarding Siberian Sun 1.85
« Reply #2 on: 08 Mar 2003, 20:21:35 »
I know why u need 2 islands. ThatÂ's because he probably used the infantary dudes that comes with winter kolgujev. Or vice versa if winter everon also includes infantary dudes(donÂ't have winter everon ).

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Re:Regarding Siberian Sun 1.85
« Reply #3 on: 09 Mar 2003, 20:22:58 »
I'm glad it wasn't marked down for the addons - but I have seen missions where a whole range of obscure ones are required with no real logic to their use.

The issue of the two islands - snow infantry actually come only with Winter Kolgujev, so to use on any other winter island you still need that original. But, really, anyone who likes the snow islands will have most of those addons. LR's choppers are required because I'd never seen a winter camo chopper pack.

Now, if it had actually been submitted and reviewed last year when I actually built the mission, I may have squeezed an 8 ;) - but nowadays there are so many scripts around that players generally demand much more intricacy to missions. I do quite wholly agree with Kuros's general assessment, and think he's made an excellent start. :)

Btw - I composed and recorded the original music for the missions. ;)  I have no idea whether the most recent OFP upgrade affects the essential timing of the outro, though - others did. But it gets silly having to go back and upgrade all previous missions with every new patch from BIS.

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