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Author Topic: Specops Pilot  (Read 974 times)

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Specops Pilot
« on: 04 Jan 2003, 05:41:16 »
I think we need to make a campaign or a couple missions of this. You take your helicopter, preferrably the OH-6 in the second nam pack, and land it in tight spots, drop off some black ops, then, well Iv only gotten this far, but, they destroy the building that you land them on, like the capitol building in Lipany or tower buildings in large cities. Then guide them through laying the charges detonate them and pick them up and take them to your base, the airfeild or the warehouse area near the airfeild on nogava. We can make missions where the blackops need to assasinate people and stuff, and then to make your piloting even harder, ground troops shooting at you in the later on missions, I must admit, I love to fly the choppers, and am OK at landing them on top of the buildings, its really fun, maybe gameer can take up the challenge after his NPD mission.


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Re:Specops Pilot
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jan 2003, 19:23:43 »
BEST would be co-op

We do it on LANs ;D


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Re:Specops Pilot
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jan 2003, 08:00:20 »
A while ago i was messing around with the Spec ops Huey.  I managed to get it to drop guys off on the top of a building, it was hovering two or three feet off the top of the building.  Did it without scripts or anything, just waypoints.

Took a lot of trial and error.  The guys kept getting launched off the side of the roof  ;D

I've been thinking about making missions and heli missions were one of the things i was going to try and do.  Maybe one day i will have something.