Author Topic: Rextexturing NH90 FFAA  (Read 900 times)

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Rextexturing NH90 FFAA
« on: 06 Apr 2018, 10:44:43 »
hey all just wondering if someone can assist me with creating configs and publishing are texture of the FFAA NH90 which i have created a ADF Version

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Re: Rextexturing NH90 FFAA
« Reply #1 on: 16 Apr 2018, 12:05:57 »

is FFAA a mod  ?
 you only need to inherit from the existing baseclass and add your own usually , Is FFAA a mod ?  its not a big deal for a re texture that isnt an Hex edit  but permissions are always nice.
other wise  its simple case of inerting addons from the baseclass pbo cfgpatches and  a simple  hiddenselection repath in the cfg vehicles with rename of the vehicle ..

 show us what you got 

I love ofp