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[SP] Dirty War 1.0 (RWO)
« on: 23 Jul 2014, 00:30:27 »
RWO] Dirty War
Inspired by: Delta Force operations ins Nicaragua during the 1980s Central American Crisis

Version: 1.0

Required Addons
ArmA3 Map Pack - A3MP,                      ;

N'Ziwasogo,                                 ;

Isla Duala (parts of it, see N'Ziwasogo Requirements),;

SP Pack,                                         ;

US Pack,                                         ;

NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons, ;

Audio Fix for Massi's weapons                               

-One folder for use in the editor (feel free to learn and copy from this mission).
-One pbo that goes into the "missions" folder to play right away.


Delta force commandos are tasked with leading a force of Contras to recapture a village recently lost to the Sandinista government forces.


Version 1.0, compatibility for updated addons and Audio Fix for Massi's Weapons implemented.

-Audio Fix for Massi's weapons required to have the weapon sounds
-Changed classnames of the SP pack to fit those of the latest release of this addon
-Intro adapted to show the proper forces (Contras)
-Pistols deleted from the units (now they use rifles throughout the mission)
-Briefing formatted with line breaks where appropriate.

Known Issues:
* Overview still quite messy since I do not know to implement line breaks, as <br/> shows up in the text.*
* Game does not save via radio-activated trigger

Downloads search for [RWO]


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Re: [SP] Dirty War 1.0 (RWO)
« Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 2014, 02:12:48 »
Holy moly batman, that sure is a lot of addons for a single mission. Do they at least get some pretty good use?

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Re: [SP] Dirty War 1.0 (RWO)
« Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 2014, 14:27:50 »
Well, I guess they are used very well, because:
-No A3MP and no Isla Duala parts mean that N'Ziwasogo does not work
-SP pack is a requirement for US pack and provides the OD single color uniforms of the opposing forces
-US pack provides the M81 woodland camo of US forces
-NATO SF and Russian weapons pack provides a small selection of "free world assault rifles" and AK's for the enemy
-I think Massi updated his weapons pack just recently, so please try without the audio fix