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Author Topic: Arma 3 : Antistasi - Dynamic Sandbox for OFPRes lovers  (Read 3053 times)

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Arma - 3: Antistasi

A Dynamic Sandbox Mission for Resistance, SP and Infantry Lovers

Hello Everybody!

So OFPEC is back? Then let's post this where the real mission makers and scripters are!!!

I am very pleased to show you my 2 month work + a semi - divorce mission.

¿Did you enjoyed OFPRes? Then, try this!

In Arma - 3 Antistasi (Arma 3 - Resistance, from Greek) you play the role of Pvt. Stavros, fighter of the FIA forces, which becomes the leader & commander of the attack ground forces in Stratis.

The whole island is in CSAT hands. Starting from scratch, you need to build up your forces, with a progression on logistics, manpower and weapons in order to conquer the island.

Mission features:

  • Totally dynamic: missions, enemy and friendly assets, positions, weather etc..
  • Around 15 Sidemissions, including convoys, defense, rescue, logistics and much more!
  • Resistance logistics: No "magic" unlimited weapons and ammo boxes. You need to gather resources, on whatever way, to equip your squad. You will have to earn every single bullet. Load ammoboxes content to any truck.
  • Restistance actions: Forget about supervehicles, armor, air forces. Your forces are the villagers tired of the CSAT domination! Only a right managed "guerrilla" strategy will lead you to victory.
  • Earn prestige or threat level to discover new weapons, options and enemies.
  • Persistent Savegame: You won't loose your game progression on mission updates.
  • Experience the typical "Arma Combined Arms Experience" in a passive way.
  • As random as possible, so there are not two missions exactly the same. Anything may happen, anyway, anytime, anywhere.
  • Scripts: UPSMon (Kronzky, Monsada and Cool=Azroul13), Addon Free Stat Save System (zooloo75), Dynamic Weather by tortuosit.
  • Custom Music: Market Garden. Check their Myspace
This mission is on early BETA stage. No showstoppers should appear, but it has been tested mostly by myself with help of LIXUS and others, a small community indeed for such a big project, so any comments are EXTREMELY WELCOME.

Have fun!!





This mission participates in the Make Arma Not War contest. If you enjoyed, please vote here.

Last Update: 04/07/2014


- Vehicle despawn now does it if you get far in most of vehicles.
- Tweaked the distance check for ammobox transfer (Don't know why, 10 meters suddenly didn't work)
- Fixed bug: You were inmortal if you skip intro.
- Fixed lots of minor bugs.
- Made easier to finish the prisoner rescue missions (now not requires all the alive prisoners rescued)
- Extend the fastrope and paradrop systems to another zones counterattacks.
- Eliminate Specops mission is now spontaneous, and loosing it will trigger a base attack from CSAT
- Logistic missions which depend on air will not spawn if CSAT owns AA
- Bonuses / Penalties on CSAT skill depending on success on certain missions.
- Corrected: Player was able to request missions while in control of AI squadmates.
- Fix: Counterattack error when player is in control of all bases except the Airport.
- Features added: Airborne counterattacks now insert troops with Fastropes or Paradrop assaults depending on level!
- Feature added: Markers on map, updating ownership of bases and cities.
- Fixed bug on which friendly FIA forces in bases were not despawning.
- Added functionality of having control of squadmates via radio (0-0-6). This control is limited in time.
- Now you may transfer to your Ammobox from any vehicle, not only trucks.
- Tweaked a bit the intro
- Spawn/Despawn system interaction with Persistent Save and Skip Intro now better
- Fixed a bug in Convoy Rescue missions on which the movement of POWs was disabled

To do:

- Markers on fast travel are messy. Will change it.
- Fast travel option from anywhere, not only maps in friendly bases.
- Develop a new mission: eliminate mortar squad, which will be bombarding friendly cities. Do it quickly or you will have penatlies due to civvies killed.
- Develop a new mission: destroy artillery ammo caché.
- Develop a new mission: Destroy Medical Convoy.
- Some mines on minefields will be deactivated as you progress in prestige.
- Current classes of units for player's squad mechanix has no sense and subject to exploits until you recruit the guy you want. Recruitment will pick medic and engineer first (yes Neofit!!), and the rest, will have a fine tuning skill depending on prestige and type of unit.
- Add TPWCAS script.
- Voices: The answer is YES! But this is not the moment. In this stage game updates may be regetably common, and this could mean a 300 MB download each. In stable version. YES!
- More animations!
- Make Up the Diary.
- Anything that you, my beloved players wish, as long as they respect the mission "phylosophy", will be implemented, specially I'm open to new sidemission ideas

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Re: Arma 3 : Antistasi - Dynamic Sandbox for OFPRes lovers
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jul 2014, 17:23:36 »
Hi, I tried to test this mission today.


Interesting scene of a soldier captured in the moment of death - good one, reminds me of a infamous picture shot in the Spanish Civil War.


Very short one, just showing the departure of NATO forces and our character being called by his CO. Could be expanded if you want to tell bits of the story to set a certain expectation for the mission


At first the briefing screen was empty, so I had to click to start the mission. The briefing kicked in after I answered the radio call. Short one, but apparently the player is expected to discover the story bit by bit during active play.


Very hard for the first objective due to the presence of that attack heli, and impossible to do after the first objective. Defending the base until my commander died was only possible, because buildings and stone walls were available for solid cover against the gunship's attacks. Both my new orders and an enemy armored thrust right into the base dislodged me, but on the way to Camp Maxwell, there is not much solid cover, so after succumbing the 15th time to the helo attack I decided to quit. The player is already chased by enemy infantry, so in my opinion, it would be sufficient to let the helo depart the area once the first objective has been taken, and keep the player on his heels by enemy infantry.

I will play any new version though that allows me a fighting chance of survival.

Offline Barbolani

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Re: Arma 3 : Antistasi - Dynamic Sandbox for OFPRes lovers
« Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 2014, 17:12:42 »
Hi Mathias!

The intention is precisely know the story as long as you play the game. A few lines of diary / situation for the begining should improve it, so in a to-do list.

Intro: the first battle intention is to see how overwhelming forces CSAT have on the zone when they full attack. Sometimes reaching Maxwell becomes very difficult, I'll try to make it easier, I don't want to make people quit playing before the real scenario is up.