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Author Topic: How To Find The Answer To Your Question  (Read 1631 times)

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How To Find The Answer To Your Question
« on: 06 Mar 2013, 18:19:37 »
OFPEC has been going since 2002, and in that time we've discovered a few proven ways to speed up your quest for knowledge.

Before you post...

If you're just starting out in editing, look through our FAQ first, which covers the basics.

Our forum holds 6 years worth of editing information, and chances are your question has been asked before. Use the search facility to find answers related to your query.

If you have a question about how to use a certain command, check the COMREF for details as there is very often helpful advice associated with individual commands.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, create a new thread.

When you post...

When you post a question, post it in the correct board - your question will be answered quicker. The subheadings beneath the board titles should make it obvious where your question goes. If in doubt, post in the General board and a moderator will move it if necessary.

Give your thread a relevant and informative title like "Detecting you threw a smoke grenade". Don't use titles like "three questions" or "please help". The main reason for this is simple: a thread about detecting smoke grenades can easily be found in future by searching for "smoke" or "grenade". If the title is "please help", it's practically useless.

Give all of the relevant details about your problem. The more you tell us, the better chance we have of helping you. If there is an error message involved, post it too. Say what you are trying to achieve, what you did, and what went wrong.

If you intend to post the code you are working with, use the 'code' format button as it makes the code easier to read. If there's lots of code, consider attaching the script to your post instead.
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