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Author Topic: Terminal (Hack) - Script  (Read 1841 times)

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Terminal (Hack) - Script
« on: 22 Feb 2013, 16:45:00 »
Universal script of Terminal. The idea was taken from Fallout 3. The terminal must be hacked to create event that is associated with this terminal. For example to open some door, turn off light somewhere or launch missile from SCUD. To hack the terminal, you will have to find the password consisting of random letters. You have 4 attempts (like in Fallout 3 too), to hack the terminal. If all attempts left, you can reconnect and try again until you hack the terminal. Words are generated randomly each time. To get the terminal to work - copy all files to your mission from this example-mission.

This terminal I created on russian language and today translated to english.

Creator: JTS


 - Sounds
 - Icons
 - Universal script


1. To get terminals to work, you must load source. In Init.sqs write following: call loadfile "Terminal\Source.sqf". Do not make delay before load the source.

2. To make the terminal 'terminal', write following in his Init: [this,"Easy","Example1.sqs","Get my cakes"] exec "Terminal\TerminalHack.sqs"

I mean:

- [object,"Difficulty","your_script.sqs","your_text"] exec "Terminal\TerminalHack.sqs"
- 3 types of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard. You have to write it in ""

your_text: Text that must be pressed to perform an action
your_script: Script that will run after you've hacked the terminal and pressed the button (your_text)

3. To change the status of terminal, use function - Reboot.
For example: [lol1, string] call Reboot

There are 4 types of status:

"Lock" - Will lock the terminal
"Unlock" - Will unlock the terminal
"Hacked" - Terminal will be hacked
"Unhacked" - Terminal returns to its original state (Not hacked)


[lol1, "Lock"] call Reboot

lol1 - it's the name of object

4. To change the text entry - go to Source.sqf. You will see here 3 arrays. T_EASY, T_MEDIUM and T_HARD. In these arrays, simply change the letters to which you wish.

For example:


"C","o","m","p","u","t","e","r"," ","of"," ","O","b","a","m","a"

" " - I think you understand for what it is.
To start the text on a new line, use \n
But keep in mind that the text entry is not counting on a lot of lines

For example:


"C","o","m","p","u","t","e","r"," ","of","\n","O","b","a","m","a"

You can write vertically too.

For example:


"C","o","m","p","u","t","e","r"," ","of",



" ",


It's on russian I know. But don't worry. I translated all to english!


Good luck. I hope you will use it in your missions


Note: Search words without symbols (like !@#$%^()&*). Words without symbols - maybe 1 of them will be the correct password

Updated: 24.02.2013

*Optimized functions
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Re: Terminal (Hack) - Script
« Reply #1 on: 22 Feb 2013, 18:26:44 »
Looks interesting. Will test this sometime this weekend. I was actually in the process of making a 'computer hacking' script in one of my projects, though mine is very simple  :P
Some of the most memorable missions made involve the player doing very little...

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Re: Terminal (Hack) - Script
« Reply #2 on: 22 Feb 2013, 21:32:55 »
thanks but you don't need to test it, because it's finished without any errors. The one thing is that at russian website I updated version - optimized functions. I'll upload updated version later :)