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A framework for Arma2 stealth missions

Hey guys,

I made a scriptsuite out of the system that I was using for "Raccoon". It works on footsoldiers, cars, tanks and it takes the friendlyness between sides into account. Here goes!

Name: MCSS (Mad Cheese's Stealthmission Suite)
Version: 0.2
State: Beta
Author: Mad_Cheese
Requirements: Arma2 1.62
                    If you use the gunlight rearm, your mission will require Arma2OA or Arma2CO
                    Demo mission requires Arma2OA
Optional: Missions using this suite benefit from the Tactical Flashlights Mod by JWC. It is not required, but if it's activated all factions can be equipped with weapons of their faction.



The aim of this scriptsuite is to make stealth missions more immersive, in the style of stealth games like ie Splinter Cell. For a developed example mission utilizing this concept check out Raccoon.

Currently only working for SP missions.


- New AI patrolling behaviour
- Works on footsoldiers, vehicles and searchlights
- includes all factions and side relations
- Footsoldiers can be rearmed with flashlight rifles (JWC_Flashlights mod is recommended but not mandatory)
- Units can scan the area
  -> BTR90 and BMP3 can operate the commander's light at night
- Vehicle spotting according to type and feature of vehicle
- Enemy Yells, voiceacting and sirens (only two sounds need to be declared in description.ext)
- Dead MCSS units can be dragged and hidden (hide body option only available for SpecOps units)
- Comes with a AIpatrol script

- Spotting system features:
    *Features Line of Sight and Line Of Light (Searchlight/Vehicles)
    *Player units and bodies are exposed by working lightsources (Burning barrels,streetlamps,runway lights, searchlights)
    *AI checks suspiscious movement/footsteps within close distance
    *Patrol leaders with weapon flashlights randomly stop to scan areas
    *Units react to dead bodies (LOS,Weaponlights and Lightsources are relevant)
    *Patrol leaders are able to call in alarm and directly alert near units
    *AI who might see or hear a kill will go check out the killsite
    *AI vision increases during sunrise
    *AI hears footsteps depending on speed and distance



- Animals and empty objects will no longer be treated as enemies by a faction that is hostile to civilians
- Bugs in checking function corrected (could get stuck previously)
- Voices for different factions added
  -> these are not final yet. All english speaking factions can potentially use US-Marines sounds
  -> to a native speaker, the non english sentences will make no sense. they are just for atmosphere
  -> Czech units speak Chernarussian because I could not find any samples
- "Fired" and "Hit" Eventhandlers fixed
- Enemy reaction fixed
- sunangle was not precise enough. the workaround is cheap but precise
- scanning footpatrol script fixed, leader will stick with his waypoints
- bug where friendly units would engage one another removed
- backwards movements added to AI hearing function
- many small improvements


For detailed information on how to use this script, please check out the included demo mission and manual


- LOS and related scripts in this mission are based on SaOk's LOS function
- Waypointpositions in the patrolscript are generated by Shuko's SHK_Pos
- Sunangle formula by CarlGustaffa
- English voice samples by Rejenorst

Known Issues:

- Please inform me if an alarm is triggered by anything unreasonable. I had issues with objects being spotted that were returned as ie "agent123456"

- Visible Shades are (presumably) only generated for sunlight in Arma. This means that a gunlight, vehiclelight or searchlight is pointed at a unit with cover from an object or terrain,
it's position will still appear fully illuminated. Anyways, the unit will still be protected from exposure by an "invisible shade" in this case. However, in the case of a Searchlight, plants do not offer any invisible shade. Unfortunately, small rocks provide shade within the whole 800m range at this time.

- Vehicles don't seem to engage hostile civilians, but footsoldiers do.

- Script has issues if the assigned units are civilians

- Lightspotting does not include a vertical value, which means if you are on a roof and a enemy unit is pointing his weapon in your direction, he will
  see you even if his light is pointing at a position underneath you.


- VoiceSamples for AI Alerts & Player according to faction (only player =US and AI = East at the moment)
- Rearming will only affect the primary weapon and it's magazines in next version


- it would be great to get some beta reviews on this
- I am desperatley looking to get this suite multiplayer compatible, if anybody can help me with this I will buy
  them some ice cream  :good:

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Re: MCSS (Mad Cheese's Stealthmission Suite)
« Reply #1 on: 02 Dec 2012, 20:37:21 »
Sound great! Thanks.
Fix bayonet!

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Re: MCSS (Mad Cheese's Stealthmission Suite)
« Reply #2 on: 03 Dec 2012, 05:38:06 »
Whoops - I found a little bug (probably not the only one)

Apparently rabbits could trigger the alarm if civilians were hostile to the sector  :D

I will uploaded a fixed version with more voice samples tonight.


The bugs that I know of are fixed, other stuff was added and I updated the first post/downloadlink

EDIT No. 2

Updated the download link which now includes a manual pdf
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