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Author Topic: How do i make a campaign..  (Read 1424 times)

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How do i make a campaign..
« on: 09 Sep 2012, 08:58:25 »
I did read those tutorials, but i cant understand a thing about it.. It got me confused... Can someone please help me.

I already have the folder needed, but how do i conver that folder to PBO? :dunno:
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Re: How do i make a campaign..
« Reply #1 on: 14 Sep 2012, 14:27:00 »
Hi I have not played Arma much although I have had it a while.

I never really made campagins as i prefered the CTI/dynamic single mission style campaigns.

Anyway I have used this tool
it is an unPBOer but also packs the files into pbo's (which your campaign file will be)

that might help but first make sure... super double sure you have the things in the folder you need.
My memory is hurting here but for OFP i am sure things are the same as Arma.



3.a picture

4.a sub folder for the missions

5. put your cut scenes as seperate missions so that upon reverts players dont have to watch every cutscene again. e.g if your campaign is 3 missions long you actually have 5 or 6 missions maybe more with multiple outcomes for end missions etc...

hope this helps.

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Re: How do i make a campaign..
« Reply #2 on: 14 Sep 2012, 15:26:18 »
That same pboview tool is offered here on our site, if you prefer. We also have the OFP/ARMA campaign editor.

Could you be more specific in the areas that you can't figure out? The subject is broad and it could take a rather long typing session to help you out.