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Author Topic: Light Intensity, Brightness, Range...  (Read 1254 times)

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Light Intensity, Brightness, Range...
« on: 02 Aug 2012, 15:50:45 »

Hello everyone

I would like to know if it is possible to achieve VIA scripts, #lightpoints and all things vanilla to arma the quality of lighting you see on construction, emergency vehicles.

Been looking around multiple forums on this topic and none really touched specifically on what I am trying to achieve. I have been playing around with light points, ambient light, wall lamps, spheres and setting object textures to simulate high intense lights you can expect to see on ambulances, firetrucks.

While some of these methods are cool they don't do it total justice but are very usable.

I hope to accomplish creating a light system that can be detected (day/night) at long ranges

I know custom addons are capable of doing this i'm assuming with .rvmat files, texturing and light points. Im not a addon maker so I do not know for sure.

Anyone with knowledge on this would be great to hear your 2cents on this.