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FFUR SLX 2007 2.5 >:(
« on: 17 Jan 2011, 01:54:15 »
(Forgive me this should be in mods general)

Hi originally after rediscovering ofp through a video about the ffur slx 1985 2008 edition I dled the mod straight away and was almost immediately hit by the fact that while everything looked cool the AI was almost completely shot to s**t.
After that I found ffur slx 1.02 its modern units appealed much more to me it still had many amazing new effects and despite a few bugs/ badly thought through addons it worked rather well only breaking a couple of missions with most user missions working well.

Then I started looking at ffur 2007 2.5 I was apprehensive to say the least as I knew this version was probably much like the 1985 2008 ed with all its major AI changes I worried it would be as beautiful yet unplayable as the before mentioned version.
At first I was rather pleased...
The new animated menu, the over the shoulder 3rd person view and the burning tank crews hell all of the effects and new units are brilliant, stunning even.
I actually couldn't believe I had hesitated....
But then I started playing the bis campaign and who would of thunk it the same s**t started happening again...I try to load a user mission "facile ground" and my driver who is supposed to take me to my squad instead runs both me and my c.o down, seemingly not just by accident he literally chases me down and runs us both over like a serial killer behind the wheel of a monster truck.
I honestly can't see what the use for this mod is other then maybe messing around in mission editor making battles and stuff.
Having recently started mission making myself I was hoping to harness all the great things in this mod and make my own missions using it as a base but now with all the terrible problems it seems to cause this seems unlikely. :(

My question is this would it be possible to cut and paste the AI/unit behaviour whatever from the before mentioned 1.0 1.02 version into the new versions config file and solve this irritation once and for all?
Would it be as simple as locating a section within either config file, deleting one and replacing it with the other?
Or am I wondering into a quagmire of endless editing and play testing ie  identifying one bit spending ages looking for the equivalent block of text in the other deleting and replacing then looking hunting for the next piece and so on so forth till the end of time? (note I have no real idea of what I'm looking for whic is why changing multiple sections would be ball achingly futile) >:(

I'm really not ready to give up on this utterly gorgeous yet rather useless mod please help :(
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