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Author Topic: HUUGEEE Favour pretty please :)  (Read 2746 times)

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HUUGEEE Favour pretty please :)
« on: 04 Jul 2011, 14:41:38 »
I'v been spending a bit of time knocking up race circuits on the main runway on chenarus, however I'm pretty limited in track shape because of the grass, at the moment the only thing that will go over the grass without scrubbing speed is the Qin Evo's.

Looking into a bit of an Arma2 race series possibly in the future.

On to the favour:

Could some one with visitor3 knowledge (I don't have time to learn at the moment) kindly knock me up a map roughly the same size as Utes which is just flat tarmac/runway/road please?

No grass, no sand, no hills, no nothing except flat tarmac so I have more freedom with my race circuits.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help  :D

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Re: HUUGEEE Favour pretty please :)
« Reply #1 on: 04 Jul 2011, 18:20:23 »

 Your better off downloading the example map Rhamadi and painting the heightmap to suit your needs,

 once painted in PS or whichever  place it in Wilbur and save as 16Bit.

 its going to be the quickest way of geeting a map for free i think.

I love ofp