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Author Topic: My idea  (Read 1152 times)

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My idea
« on: 27 Dec 2010, 00:26:52 »
I do not know if they are seen this foru somewhere. But for those who have not seen them comment

I've seen a Peruvian forum where they were creating a campaign to play online but for OFP and this is what you plan to do:

-The campaign is called Invasion to Afghanistan 1979-1989

Here are some rules that put people on the forum to play the campaign:


 This campaign is based on the war (Afghan-Soviet), play in the skin of UUEE soldiers who are in that country to support the mujahideen (guerrilla) to release to the Soviets who invaded the country ...


* Have installed OFP version 1.96 + Mod Resistance FFUR DESERT PACK 85
* Download a patch FX (Contact me to download)
* Internet quickly accepted minimum 400 ms lag
* Have time for these missions and that will last more than 1 hour 3 hours maximum
* Have Team Speak installed for communications
* Microphone
* Intelligence

Shopping List:

Weapons: Note: Standard Equipment (Free).

* M16
* 4 Grenades
* 5 Chargers
* NV Googles
* Binoculars

Land Vehicles: Drive to be destroyed will not be used in the next mission (each vehicle deve be manned by a player not AI)

* Abrams (1500 Credits) Note: This vehicle can be used after 1980
* M60 (1000 Credits)
* Hummer unarmed (600 Credits)
* the 5th Truck (600 Credits)
* M131 (800 Credits)

Supports:Aerial Vehicles: Drive to be destroyed will not be used in the next mission (each vehicle deve be manned by a player not AI)

* Apache (4000 Credits) Note: This vehicle can be used after 1982.
* Cobra (3000 Credits)
* Chinook (2000 Credits)
UH60 * M2 (2000 Credits)
UH60 * Rocket (2500 Credits)
* F-16 (7000 Credits)
* A-10 (5000 Credits)



* How do I go from range to range and start?

- If you are new to this OFP or rather are a nub you enlisted rank new range will be granted if follows these rules: Follow orders, survive the mission, so it will give you a score that will be later that puntuaje which will rank up something like going from level in an online game gain experience.

* Do you play nub start, and as I am not enlisted?

- Depends on your experience in the battlefield that range you will be, when I say experience I mean the one with more exits but one who follows orders.

* If I go kill 10 soldiers of range?

- Freezing action will only be made in order to earn credits if you kill 10 soldiers is equivalent to 1000 credits (move from level to read the first question.)

* How to buy guns?

- He ara track of how many credits the player and this has consulted me want to buy the M60 is good because it undermined the value of it and then tell me if you want that weapon in the next mission.

* How I can become a pilot?

- You can fly desir that OFP is easy but not the pilot but we carry out missions that CAS (Closet Air Suport) blow up and achieve the assigned goal without reaching a bomb.

* Only handle the anti-tank I do?

- Well, be assigned the job of anti-tank specialist, as with other areas.

* What is so funny the campaign?

- Apart from having fun playing online simulated a real life war.

Update Rules:

* The standard of exceeding the number of deaths (5) is eliminated.
* If your plane is damaged and jump into enemy territory and reach the same basis as lost your car in the next mission.
* If your vehicle is destroyed and you survive the explosion your car is destroyed and the next mission will not be available.

I do not know whose opinions you have, but in my opinion my be a good idea to create this campaign. It need not be the same for Afghanistan but following the same conditions. You could create for Arma II or also for OFP

Comment your opinions and thoughts

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