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fox hole or trench
« on: 24 Dec 2010, 07:36:20 »
     I want to " GET IN" a soldier or a group of no more than 4 of them in fox holes or small trenches with a cammo(plants, dirt) roof. The problem is that the real fox holes are below the terrain level like at the soldier's shoulder heigth, so the dude inside the fox hole has a slit to see in front of him.
any body knows how to create this type of object to be below the terrain level and to "GET IN"???

thanks agian...

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Re: fox hole or trench
« Reply #1 on: 26 Dec 2010, 04:12:29 »
below the terrain level
? No, not really possible.
Making a soldiers body disappear below terrain is basically cheating also.

Thinks ArmA1 had a "foxhole" you could getin / lay on the ground. It was just a raised bump of ground to sort of hide behind. Dont remember if its downloadable from anywhere.