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Author Topic: Hello, and an idea,  (Read 1417 times)

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Hello, and an idea,
« on: 21 Nov 2010, 02:28:49 »
First of all this is my first post so hello to all :) 
You have a good forum going here and id like to get involved. Mostly in creating content for arma 2: OA and such.

I am fairly new to modeling in general but i know my way around MAX quite well, i was just looking for some help along the way. Hope you guys can help me out from time to time, and hope i can be of assistance to you.

My first idea is simple (lol i wish!) , i just want to put a simple building into arma2:OA.

Firstly how should i go about this? can i just create a model in any way, or are there specific requirements.
I have somthing called "arma2 Toolbox for 3ds max", but am unsure of what to do..

I have pretty good computer kowlage but as for scripts and programming etc, ill really need help :(

If you knows any place to get step by step, noob instructions "click this, move this, click that..." or basically any help that i should be looking at, please point me in the direction of it.

I am reading the forums as we speak on learning, but its too much to learn all in one go!

Anyway, thankyou for listening.

Amazing  forum, cheers :)

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Re: Hello, and an idea,
« Reply #1 on: 21 Nov 2010, 21:47:35 »
Download the sample addons from BIS , in here you have Buildings , they can be exported  to 3ds format and studied further in Max.

 when you do this you can study Mondkalbs tutorial on Bis wiki to help you re-import and rebuild in oxygen  (there are other tutes).

 Main thin i guess is different  lods for different elements and to remember  once player is _x meters away from building center  ,there is no need for an interior so no point having this drawn and has such this will help with FPS if done right, however  be sure to have some kind of texture over open door to simulate it, all this can be seen when studying the BIS addons called sample mods.

  Beyond oxygen /Bis Engine not likingNGons in model buildings are very easy ,(always kills me to see  High detail gun and not many buildings).

I love ofp

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Re: Hello, and an idea,
« Reply #2 on: 23 Nov 2010, 00:30:57 »
Thanks for that, helps me out quite a bit :) ill download those sample mods now.