Author Topic: How to Create AI squad and Paradrop on trigger?  (Read 1200 times)

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How to Create AI squad and Paradrop on trigger?
« on: 05 Aug 2010, 22:15:19 »
Hey guys,
I have a mission I built for MP, and what I want to do is have an area trigger go off when the enemy in it
are not present basically dead, apon not being present an enemy chopper is created and brings in a new
enemy squad and paradrop them into the area, then fly away and be deleted, kinda of what you see in Evolution Blue.

- trigger triggered,
- enemy not present
- chopper created with enemy squad
- chopper follows waypoint and
- paradrops the squad into the trigger area again,
- flys away and is deleted,
- it will repeat a specific number of times indicated in the script
thats basically it.

Now I know how to do triggers and waypoints, but I have no clue on how to create
a script that will create a chopper based on a trigger to paradrop the squad, and be deleted
and then repeated a number of times.

How do I do this and what do I do?

Let me break this down then:

* how do you create a chopper with a squad inside that isn't on the island?

*once created move to location via waypoint and paradrop the squad inside at the final desitnation?

* then fly away and be deleted?

* How do you connect a trigger to a waypoint of a chooper that hasn't been created yet, or isn't there?

When enemy in the trigger isn't present then a chopper is created with enemy squad to fly to the trigger
area and paradrop them.

I know how to make triggers, waypoints but creating a chopper from thin air with a squad I'm assuming there
has to be a chopper
and a squad maybe on the ground in the distance somewhere with a code in their init line to tell them to be
created then move via wayoint once triggered.

I'd assume the trigger would be set to repeatedly.

So I need :

- create unit
- Paradrop
- a definition or something that defines how many times I want this to happen
- then delete unit
I got an idea on all these but have no idea on how to put it together in a script to make it happen.
If I had some example scripts that used a mission for its example like how its setup in the trigger
I could get a good idea on how to implement it into a mission.

Any help would be appreciated, not asking for one to solve the whole equation,
even parts of the list would start something.
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