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RMM_recordPos for ArmA2
« on: 06 Nov 2009, 02:33:41 »
What is RMM_recordPos

A time saver. It records the players positions to an array, which can then (via trigger) be copied to your clipboard for easy output.

Why would you use RMM_recordPos

You can spend hours trying to get the perfect position for things in the editor, or even the 3D editor, but a hands on approach is still the best way when placing units in the 2D editor.

How to use RMM_recordPos

Use the action in the players menu 'record position', to add a position to the array, this is done via RMM_record.sqf.

To copy the array to the clipboard, use 0-0-1
To copy the current player position to the clipboard, use 0-0-2
To reset the array, use 0-0-3.

Hopefully this helps save time, I know it has for me.
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