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Author Topic: The purpose of this board (please read before posting)  (Read 1659 times)

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Welcome to the OFPEC board for Arma2 Visitor 3 and Terrain Editing.

This board is restricted to Arma2 related terrain editing discussion, particularly related to Visitor 3. Note that we're in no position to answer program-specific queries ("How do I do this or that in Third Party Program of Your Choice"), for those you should aquaint yourself with the troubleshooting forums of the products in question. However some exceptions are allowed where those tools are commonly used, e.g. Wilbur, Google Map to name a couple. All other kinds of queries ("How do I put down roads?") belong here.

Before you post

Look in the tutorial section of the Addon/Editor's depot to make sure someone hasn't already answered it. Particularly beginner's tutorials are good for answering a lot of questions!  :good:

Use the search tool to make sure your question hasn't already been asked - it actually works really well.

Check out somebody else's work - we're all in this together, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (does not apply to stealing models, or parts of models, or whole islands, though).

When you post

Make the thread title informative (to make it show up better when searching) : titles like "Hi!", "Please help!" and "A question" are not good, neither is "model help please". Good titles include "making roads?", "adding ground clutter" and "making ladders work".

Add as much information as you can in your post, what you're trying to do, the context, and the specific error/problem you're trying to solve. The more we know from the outset, the less we have to ask for clarification, and the sooner we can help you with your problem. Use the code format (looks like a # in the bars above the post) if you're planning on posting parts of your config. If you're posting the whole config, attaching it to the post is suggested.

Be patient - some problems are harder to solve than others, and no-one is getting paid for this. :)

Happy terrain-related editing  :good:

Wolfrug out.
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