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Retextures in ARMA2
« on: 14 Jun 2009, 22:38:46 »
Hey guys,

I went to go and try and retexture a sedan, using the same method I done for when Armed Assault textures where encrpyted.

Using a hex editor I changed the path to the texture within the p3d (all instances of it), and saved it. I've got a config for it and a sedan loads in game with no visual errors - however, the original white sedan texture still loads. I've made sure the length of the path is the same length as before (32 characters) and that the original path no longer exists.

Anyone know why? I've definitly replaced the exterior texture of the sedan path to the one in the model, as I cannot see any more lines of code that has it in there. Somehow the original one still loads. I dont think the RVMAT's have anything to do with the actual patterns and colours of whats on there - at least it wouldn't stay the same as the original texture.

Code: [Select]
class CfgPatches {

class tnl_vehicles {
Units[] = {"tnl_pol_sedan"};
Weapons[] = {};
requiredVersion = 1.000000;
requiredAddons[] = {"CACharacters"};

class CfgVehicles

class car_sedan;
class tnl_pol_sedan : car_sedan
displayName = "Police Sedan";

Thats my code at the moment. I could post the model, but you would need a hex editor to see the paths, and know what you are looking for. I'm pretty certain all the sedan_ext_co.paa paths have been changed to mine anyway. I've double checked the texture is actually the modified one too.

Any ideas folks?


EDIT: I looked into the config, and noticed that the Sedan was having its textures hidden, and then redefined

Code: [Select]
hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1"};
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\ca\wheeled\data\sedan_ext_co.paa"};

I used the setObjectTexture command to test to see if I could replace it, and it worked. So, I've now got my config with this in it as well and it now works:

Code: [Select]
hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1"};
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tnl_vehicles\data\sedan_text.paa"};

Many other models in game are hiding their textures then resetting them again. Well, this allows you to retexture addons without even needing addons.. just a spare PAA file and then set it to it. Good thinking from BIS maybe..

Anyway, this is SOLVED!

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