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AI problem in Ortego
« on: 07 Apr 2009, 10:21:07 »
Since I'm gonna release the first chapter of my campaign soon in the ArmA test section, I could use some help for the last mission (sorry for the spoiler but I need to explain the situation well):

This mission is basically a black hawk down mission. You start aboard a Black Hawk (called Super Six One as you can immagine) with a SF team (you are the SF commander). The other BH carries a USMC fire team wich can support you. At a certain point you can move the fire team around the map as you like by clicking the destination on your map. Your squad must capture an enemy officer who is reported to be in the town. You reach the target position but you soon discover that he is not there. Super Six One spots the target near Ortego church and you must get there ASAP to capture the officer. After reaching that position, you fail at capturing the officer and Super Six One is shot down by a Strela AA launcher. Now here's the problem: Super Six One has a loop MOVE waypoint cycle so that he flies around the town in circle. I made this because depending on the time you need to reach the church, the BH will fall in a different location, since there is no way to predict its position when you reach the church (and it is more funny when you play the mission again). Of course your team must reach the crash site and save the pilot. The problem is that the AI pathfinding in Ortego really sucks, since they seem they can't walk nor the alleys neither the several stair passages in the town, but only the main roads and the courtyards. Sometimes it happens that the chopper falls in a place that is not "walkable" by the AI (i.e. the terrace on the highest hill of the town which is in the north-west corner). To make the pilot survive the crash I wrote a script that removes the pilot and teleports it in a safe location when the BH is hit by a Strela missile and after 15 seconds (the chopper will have surely fallen on the ground by that time) it teleports the pilot again near the chopper location. When you reach the pilot he will join your team but if the BH has fallen on a "not-walkable" AI place he's stucked and won't move. Is there a way to make the damn pilot move (there are not many places that are not walkable by the AI, nonetheless it is very annoying when it happens)?
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Re: AI problem in Ortego
« Reply #1 on: 08 Apr 2009, 02:51:03 »
your best bet is to find the spots that work and force the chopper down at those areas. The AI won't even get too close to barrels without performing the electric boogaloo, so your chance of forcing them are slim. The AI will use the streets well but they do not function on city structures and I think it has something to do with the fact the structures are elevated. Good luck.
As a final resort, you could download Battle of Ortego by Mr Murray. He had the infantry moving about on some structures and you may be able to see if he did anything special or if he just found the sweet spots.