Author Topic: Where can I ask questions about gameplay?  (Read 831 times)

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Where can I ask questions about gameplay?
« on: 09 Sep 2008, 21:34:13 »
I have a question about ArmA gameplay.

I just don't see a place on the forum where to post it... There are fields for addons, missions, mods, but not for gameplay. So where should I ask? I wouldn't want to register on another forum for this..

Here's the question anyway, I'm terribly sorry :/
In ArmA Bis removed the crosshair from tanks and helicopters. I can no longer issue targets to my gunner conveniently (well, not nearly as conveniently as in OFP). That's why there's no sense in playing vehicles anymore. Is there a solution for this?? (Apart from tapping TAB-key)

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Re: Where can I ask questions about gameplay?
« Reply #1 on: 09 Sep 2008, 23:35:00 »
These forums aren't really for gameplay issues, it's an editing site. It's for problems/questions with editing (including modding). The only gameplay issues that we normally deal with is those that affect the editing. We can't do anything to change the gameplay, sorry.
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Re: Where can I ask questions about gameplay?
« Reply #2 on: 10 Sep 2008, 10:06:44 »
Quite so.

The best place to go with gameplay issues is the official BI Forums over at: Linky. They've got all the sections you need to discuss the actual gameplay.

Do ask all editing-related questions here though! And good call not to just start posting someplace randomly but asking here instead. :)

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