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Author Topic: (Review Completed) co10 =RTY= Counter intel  (Read 1493 times)

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(Review Completed) co10 =RTY= Counter intel
« on: 16 May 2008, 16:33:31 »
mission author
shark attack

mission type
CO-OP (teamwork - voice comms recomended)

max no of players 10

mission requirements
ArmA V 1.12

situation report
Recently several top secret special forces missions have met with fierce resistance from
enemy forces resulting in the deaths of many of our finest soldiers.
It would seem that we have lost the element of suprise, we suspect that our Operational Command structure has been successfully infiltrated by enemy intelligence agents. Someone is tipping off the enemy in advance of our actions !

You are to infiltrate the remote islands which are home to enemy intel and locate any onsite cpu systems. Centra Spike have already jammed the enemy communications so they will be unable to call for reinforcments. A Centra Spike technician will acompany your team he is combat trained and also able to operate the enemys cpu systems
The technicians task is to copy the data stored on the cpu hard drives and return the information to HQ . Your team are to protect him .

Console and team set up:

The air support console can only be operated by the forward air controller !
For this operation the console is limited to 5x cruise missile strikes, 5x recon flights and 3x emergency extractions (should our own choppers be destroyed or our pilot get shot down and need rescuing).

Only the centra spike technician can download from the enemy cpu systems. Be sure he is well protected

Only the pilot can fly!. Choppers are equipped with ammo for resupply and can also deploy a zodiac for helo-cast insertions/offshore rescues.
The choppers must be lower than alt 20 before deploy zodiac option is presented to the pilot. Reccomended jump out height for units wishing to helo-cast is alt 5.

All units can revive, however it is reccomended that the PJ stays with the chopper/pilot. As an airborne medic, should it all go pear shaped.

Jip s will start at the offshore base and can either request a pick up (if pilot is active) or take a boat from the base and be in the action within mins

any comments  or bug reports   will be more than welcome

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