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[TUTORIAL] Make `Standalone` Unit for ArmA
« on: 18 Nov 2007, 21:45:20 »
I thought I would post this here as it is the main editing resource site for ArmA

I have updated my BISoldier model config with a brand new tutorial.

Because of th limitations of The BISoldier model (the one BIS released shortly after the tools) It is based on a new model (provided by Synide)

The new model provides a better base with less things to fix and therefore more time to concentrate on the important bits.

With the new base model and additional parts to the tutorial I have covered things that were requests for most in my PM box.

* Wounds now work
* Units have various faces, not just same default face
* `Cats-eyes` on helmet now work

You can view the tutorial on my site HERE

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