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Real artillery updated
« on: 27 Sep 2007, 15:44:31 »
UPDATED Version 1.1 (28 sep 2007)

If you want functional artillery like bohemia intractive should have provided then this is the addon for you. There are no click on map scripts or any fancy stuff like that. This addon Actually fires the round and has various powder charge strengths to give you a variety of ranges and trajectories. This addon was not designed for single player even though it works fine in single player it requires team work to hit a target at long ranges. I have included a mission file that has a script for a spotter. Both spotter and gunner must be human players and they must work together using the tools provided with the addon and a little math to hit the target. This isn't a 'every man is an expert artillery man script"
Since the rounds are actually fired from the gun you get kill credits.
The only script used in the addon itself shows you the "tangent" ( left and right angle) and "elevation"
(Vertical angle) these are shown in degrees. For the cannons the tangent is shown in plus and minus values. 0 to 179.999 is from north to south 90 being west. -179.999 to 0 is south to north -90 being east. All other scripts are in the mission files and have to be configured when making a mission.
Read the read me for installation instructions and mission and script explanations.

Change log
muzzle velocities changed to reflect more accurate max ranges 1 tp 10 KM
New missions included
increased max rate of fire to 12 rounds per minute.
included short cuts for 505 and Atari versions of arma and a mod folder;8669936;/fileinfo.html

please report any bugs if you find them and i will fix them up.

There was an issue with the spotter script after it was in a PBO mission file. I fixed it and updated the file. Solution is in the readme.

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Re: Real artillery updated
« Reply #1 on: 30 Sep 2007, 20:11:02 »
i've downloaded it and will give it a try on single player mode...