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Author Topic: To Create a New World Campaign Intro  (Read 1550 times)

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To Create a New World Campaign Intro
« on: 10 Sep 2007, 01:20:05 »
This is an intro to the first mission in what i hope to become a campaign.  I gave up on my last intended campaign "Saving a Dream" due to my lack of knowledge and to many gaps.  There was also the fact i rushed into mission after mission, trying to get as many as i could, but as you all know, this only makes a large sloppy campaign.

So now i am starting over, spending a lot more time on my first mission, this time with my own voice acting using Audacity to change the pitch and sometimes give sound effects.  You can watch this intro only on youtube at this time because i have already made work on the mission and don't want to give you an incomplete one just so you can see the intro.  So forgive the youtube quality, but all the same, enjoy the opening scene to my new campaign

To Create a New World
Inspired by Deus Ex

Campaigns are hard, I'll stick with scripting for now!

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Re: To Create a New World Campaign Intro
« Reply #1 on: 10 Sep 2007, 01:45:29 »
Looks interesting, I definitely enjoyed Deus Ex.  I agree, I think its better to concentrate heavily on one good mission than make 5 "ok" ones. 

Minor comments to help-- maybe more pauses in between the two voices, and perhaps a little more clarity on what's going on.  I can guess some obviously the Deus Ex references but the viewer may be wondering why American soldiers seem to be shooting civilians out of buses etc.  But regardless looks interesting!

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Re: To Create a New World Campaign Intro
« Reply #2 on: 10 Sep 2007, 02:15:33 »
Ok, since i had to open my mouth lately, here's a short "what i think" about.

Really nice camera shots, also well synced with anims what i've seen.
Depending on the Campaigns theme, well choosen music in the background and well mixed...music is clearly hearable but not too dominating.

I can't help myself, i really guess that some preloadcameras aren't set well....too many times i've seen models switching through LOD's and textures loading.
The voices...interesting effects but i still think it's too fast spoken. And as Lee mentoined: some pauses between the two speakers...you might have to stretch some camshots.
And the effects on the voices are interesting. But try to make the speakers original voice more "present". Subtitles aren't a excuse for overused effects...sometimes a little less can be more.

So when i say do some rework, i wont say it's bad, just needs a few tweaks and polishing on some details to improve it from "good" to "excellent".

Myke out

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Re: To Create a New World Campaign Intro
« Reply #3 on: 10 Sep 2007, 04:44:01 »
i'll try to stretch it out more for slower speaking, unfortunately the intro is split up into camera, music and subtitles. so its gonna be tricky to sync.

it would be nice if i had some help with the preload, because i definately did it, with almost everything. including the shot of the coast at the start, but i still get those texture loads..


as far as the slowing down the voices goes, this is the best i can do; i have set the tempo to slow down th entire track from 2 minutes 15 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds, making everything noticeably more understandable, and your right it does sound better.  Also, about the improvements to make it more futuristic using particles, im still learning, i dont want to jump to far ahead of myself just yet, eventually i'll be making truly great things :D

unfortunately for me im going have to add another 15 seconds to to the cutscene so i'll have to rework the subtitles.  so please take a listen to the new version of the sound track and tell me if its better (see attachment).

PS i could still use some help on the preload, thank you

PSS, for those wondering why one of the voices is very echoy and evil like, try to consider that he could be a machine.
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Campaigns are hard, I'll stick with scripting for now!