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Well, I am back, I haven't been posting much, just lurking, and enjoying what resources you guys have given to the ofp/arma community.

My alias is Enven, and I come to the forum to post some information regarding the project I am working on for Armed-Assault.

Its a 10 mission SP/Coop(2-8 player) campaign based off a fictitious series of events, revolving around the 10th Mountain Division 3rd Brigade Combat Team "Spartans" - 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Regiment A-Company *Attack Company (I don't think any more details regarding orbat/size etcetera is needed for these operation(s) ) who are based in the North-West end of Parasio (Make-shift station of operations...In that area...Debating locations).

The mission-statement for the division was to operate around the front lines east of the base near the bottle-neck of Corazol, keeping tabs on the boarders, and forward observing for future operations, the typical operational business any sort of occupying force would do; numerous operations for the division are also taking place around the island, during these missions I'd like to have certain things happen that would involve this rct to take direct, and evasive action, no-matter where it would be. Operational Detachments from the BCT will be present for recovery, demolition, extraction, and reconnaissance. The 10th Mountain division has rotary-winged battalions; which will have play in these missions.

The operation will not begin until further intel guided in the beginning missions of the full campaign; the kicker to this, you will get to observe movements, and have a feel of the tension which will go about in this mission(s).

I basically have been writing mission plans, as well, operational plans for both Opposition, and friendlies.

One thing is...Its somewhat of a new thing for me to attempt any sort of mission building.

I was thinking, start small; then work my way up to the bigger stuff, I will...But for the time being, I thought sharing this with the ofpec community may entice some of the mission makers to possibly work with me.

(There is a lot more to the story, I've kept it incomplete for numerous reasons...)