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Dear Addon-Makers, scripters, philosophers and anyone else who feels this 'forum category' is like home.

a Question that i regularly get from people is 'can you host a file for me?'  mostly i say yes, but after i hosted the 1.08 Patch, which moved like 20TB in 4 days i started thinking how to tackle this 'File Hosting' problem.

I hear from a variaty of 'news' sites, that people hotlink files, and they dont like that!
Also, i see Addons hosted on 'RapidShare' and other weird unreliable hosting sites...

Now, there has been talks about a using a Torrent Tracker but somehow no-one starts it.

well, i did! and ArmA:Tracker is a fact.

ArmA:Tracker is the definitive Torrent tracker for your ArmedAssault related files!
Our dedicated seeders automaticly download the new Torrents, and seed the files within 24hours.
Ofourse, all the Official Patches will be available on ArmA:Tracker as soon as they are released.

This project is Free for ALL! and can use a little community help. The torrents that are provided, can be put available for download on ANY community site.

After all, as a community site or clan - we all want to help where we can.
As im not gifted to create awsome addons,i now can show my grattitude to those Addon makers, with this service.

i kept the site as simple as possible.
after all its about filehosting, and not the looks.

Do you want your Addon/Mission/Tool hosted here?

Contact me!
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I'd like to show my gratitude to Jerry Hopper for this service. Not everyone is blessed with a webserver in their basement and I'm sure it will be put to good use. Tonight's honorary toothbrush goes to you Jerry! :good:

Keep it up! It's dedication and generosity like yours that keeps the community alive. :)