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Author Topic: Campaign Outline  (Read 1185 times)

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Campaign Outline
« on: 29 May 2007, 02:40:32 »
Hi all.  I'm working on a camapign.  Nothing special but I've just gotten skilled enough where my ideas work!  Anywho, the first three missions of this campaign are going to be non-combat civilian missions, and I wanted to get your guys opinions on them.

Mission One

The Campaign is about a young 18 year old guy who is alwasy fighting with his parents.  One day just after school ends he has a fight and goes riding with his girlfriend to to get away from it all.  While riding, they think up the ultimate way of revenge, the young man will join the military.  So, mission number one is signing up for the army.

Mission Two

Some sort of barfight on the night before he leaves for training.  Looking for ideas on this.

Mission Three

The morning he leaves for training.  Probably involves delays that make him almost late for his flight.